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  • freedom96

    I have always been curious how famous people act in "real life."

    I just finished reading several posts about Larry Graham and Prince, and how people perceived them before and after meeting them, and that led me to my question here.

    I have a couple of close friends that are either in the entertainment industry or know those who are in, and I get to hear stories about these people, and I love hearing how kind a person really is that I have listened to their music or watched them on the screen. Been disappointed by a few, but I suppose that is human nature.

    So, what famous person have you met or know personally, and what were they like?

  • LuckyLucy

    I met two professional ball players. The first one was a baseball player. He had a party at his house and I attended.He was extremely nice, poured my glass of wine.He had a gorgeous house.Thought it was cool because his dogs were running around inside and kids everywhere. Really relaxed atmosphere.The other was a ex-NFL player (think he played with the 49ers) He attended a party at my house. I made nachos for him.He was also in the movie American Graffiti.He was very nice and funny,he even laughed at some of my jokes.I think we sometimes forget that they are just normal people too, with huge salaries.

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  • Mulan

    I know Mark Victor Hansen, co author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books. He is one of the most positive people I know, very kind, warm, and giving. He is very into motivation, and goal setting, so encourages everyone to have 100 goals. He will ask you how many of your goals you have achieved lately. It's kind of a nice way to start a conversation. I haven't talked to him for about 3 years, but am confident he will remember my name and give me a big hug, when I see him again (usually at seminars............we are in the same marketing company).

    That's about as close to a celebrity as I have been.

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  • Brummie

    I've shook hands with quite a few from the pop world. UB40, Pasadenas (remember them!), Adeva, caught one of the "pogues" stealing and ended up arguing with him, he backed out first, coward.

    And others...quite a list actually, all have been normal easy to get along people, except for the Pogues.


  • Swan

    I knew VeniceIT way back when she was just a little girl. I can truly say that she was just as nice back then as she is now that she has become a famous apostate on this board.


  • wednesday

    I manged to get pass for a "meet and Greet" at a Meat Loaf concert.We talked for a few minutes, he being from dallas, and got a pic with him. He was friendly and very appreciative of his fans. I managed to get a hug. he's quite a performer.he's intense, much like he is on stage.

  • more2C

    During the 80's, I got to attend the Celtic's Basketball team celebration dinner at the Ritz Carlton in Boston. (When they won their championship) I was very nervous and inexperienced with all this posh and glamour. The then owner of the team, Red Auerbach came over towards me and introduced himself. I'll never forget how he made me feel comfortable and how he made me laugh. He was truly a gentleman.


  • Kenneson

    In 1999 I went to Plains, Georgia (Maranatha Baptist Church) where former President Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday School. Had my picture taken with he and his wife.

    In 2000 I went hear famed poet Maya Angelou speak. Also, that same year went to hear Billy Graham at the Jacksonville, Florida Crusade.


    i met the guitar player for Foreigner- can't remember his name- anyhoo he was checking into the same hotel as we were and looking for 10 rooms for the whole band. I was quite excited and he gave me his autograph and invited me to the concert. i was not able to attend-boo hoo- He also said he wished he could find a girl like me...thrilling ...i bet he says that to all the girls ha =^..^=

  • IronGland

    we are normal just like you

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