Shave for a longer life

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  • VeniceIT

    And how exactly does this affect women??? where does waxing come in????



    I almost thought that this post was going to be about: ME, ME, ME

    I don't shave everyday, I shave usually 1X or 2X a week. My skin is so senstive, and besides, I don't have alot of facial hair. I guess I'm lucky.

    The thing I HATE is body hair that is showing up in places that I used to dread. Places I cannot reach with a razor. Very annoying.

  • Michael3000

    I am screwed!

    Hey, El Kabong - thanks for reminding me how funny Dr. Demento was!

    I have a sad story to tell you

    It may hurt your feelings a bit

    Last night when I walked into my bathroom

    I stepped in a big pile of......

    Shaving Cream. Be nice and clean

    Shave every day and you'll alway's look clean

    Although, that last word is KEEN, not clean.

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  • Beans

    Shaving or waxing, I believe we can all reep the benefits regardless. We at the Overbeer Headquarters recomend the Brazialian Waxing to keep spiritual.


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