Computer Grants for Special Needs Individuals

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    Hello, this is legit info. $400 million in grants for computers to special needs organizations AND individuals, so spread the word if you know of anyone who would qualify. This is for computers only, NOT monetary grants. Below I copied the qualifications for individuals, but please visit the website if you know of schools or community organizations that service the 'underserved' in the community. -- Thanks!/Grits


    The demand for computers is far greater than our supply and many people who are eligible to apply and send in the application will not receive a grant.

    To increase your chances of receiving a grant, please be sure to fill this application out completely and clearly, send in all of the supporting documents together with the application, and put the bar code stickers in the upper right-hand corner of each document that you send in. Please also make sure that your applicant id # is written at the top of each document copy weve requested. Please fill this application out in English, and please make sure it is easy to read your writing.

    Eligibility (for 2003)
    * Individual residing in one of the 21 Group A states or the District of Columbia;
    * Individual who is:
    I am an individual with disability
    I am homebound (unable to leave home to work or run daily errands)
    I am living with a terminal or chronic illness
    I am an elder in an assisted living program or retirement home
    I am living in a shelter or foster home
    I am currently a foster parent
    My child or children are eligible for the school lunch program (free lunch). ---Refer to the following website for eligibility guidelines:
    I live in an isolated rural area/or on a reservation
    My immediate family includes migrant farm workers

    Technology Award
    In 2003, individuals will be selected on a non-renewable basis to receive the following equipment:
    * Toshiba branded laptop computer and a printer.
    * Printer cable and mouse.
    * 3-year SystemGuard with warranty on laptop and 24-hour telephone support.
    * The computer comes equipped with Microsoft Office XP Software, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The computer will connect to the Internet, but you must purchase service from an Internet service provider.

    * We will accept grant applications and supporting documentation from January 6 through March 31, 2003.
    * We will notify all applicants of whether or not they receive the grant by May 30, 2003.
    * The equipment will be shipped in late September 2003.

    Required Documents
    A copy your birth certificate or social security card (You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to apply, but we need some official form of identification);

    A copy of your 2000-2001 Tax return and W2 form, if under 18, please submit your household information;

    An income verification letter from current employer, social security, public assistance or unemployment office, if under 18, please submit your household information;

    A copy of your household most recent electricity bill;

    A copy of your household most recent telephone bill.

    Submitting Application
    You must submit your application with all supporting documents by mail to the Beaumont Foundation of America; PO Box 209000, Austin, TX, 78720. Completed applications must be received by Monday, March 31, 2003. Late applications will not be accepted. If you are under 18, a signature from a parent or guardian is required.

    Contact Information
    Please contact the Beaumont Foundation of America at (866) 505 2667 or visit our website at if you have any questions.

    Beaumont Foundation of America |

    In addition to grants for schools and community organizations, the
    Beaumont Foundation offers grants for individuals who need computers.
    Persons with disabilities and those who are homebound because of
    disability or illness are especially encouraged to apply for the
    individual grants.

    The Beaumont Foundation will be giving out almost $400 million in
    computer equipment starting in 2003. The grant applications for schools
    and community organizations will be available on our website beginning
    January 6, 2003, at The guidelines
    explain how we'll be giving out $20 million each in computer equipment
    to community organizations and to schools in about half the country.

    Information on individual grants is also online but persons interested
    in those grants should apply by calling 1-866-505-2667. Please note
    that persons with disabilities and those who are homebound because of
    disability or illness are especially encouraged to apply for these
    individual grants.

    Questions about the school and community grants can
    also be answered on that line. Our focus is on delivering equipment
    where it will directly benefit underserved citizens. So we do not
    provide computers for staff.

    Since we only give hardware, we make grants to established programs that
    have the funding, infrastructure and staffing to maintain their
    programs. Part of my job is to encourage truly innovative and excellent
    programs for persons with disabilities. If you know of such a program
    that could use $20-200k of brand new, state-of-the-art hardware to help
    underserved communities, please drop me a line or give me a call. I am
    on the team working on California, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii,
    and Alaska, but I will also be advising on grants for disability
    organizations and schools that serve students with disabilities. I look
    forward to receiving many, many grant applications from the disability

    Nora Jean Hernandez
    Program Officer
    The Beaumont Foundation of America
    mailto: [email protected]

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