Do you read *every* thread?

by Introspection 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • Introspection

    Well, do you? It just seems incredible to me with the amount of traffic that's on this board - just curious how many if anybody does that.

  • pr_capone

    Not at all.... I read the ones that catch my interest by the title of the thread. If I dont find it interesting and later it keeps poping up and has all sorts of posts on it I go ahead and read it, obviously enough people found it interesting enough to post so I give it a chance.


    Hi Introspection.

    I don't read every thread. Like pr_capone, I tend to be drawn to the ones that spark my interest.

    Some threads, I have read, but don't necessarily feel like I need to respond because someone has either touched on what I would have written.

    Another thing, my eyes are not the greatest. I have to use bold fonts, and after awhile I cannot focus, and things start to blur or go grey. I need bi-focals (never thought that'd ever happen to me ) which I hope to pick up, in the near future.

    Some of the Biblical and scriptural threads are now not so relevant to me. Having put away the Bible and my interest in it, I find there's little now that I can contribute to those discussions. 20 years ago? Oh yeah! Nowadays, no. Besides, there are some very skilled and passionate writers on here who post responses so eloquently to some interesting biblical/doctrinal questions/challenges. I'll look in on those, and either remember the passages, or feel proud of my fellow forum mate's adeptness at explaining scripture or sharing information that may have been denied someone in a particular organization.

    There is always something for someone on here. The best forum I've encountered in my on-line experience.

  • onacruse

    I've tried, but there so many who post so much that touches me is overwhelming.

    I need to step back, get my bearings, catch my breath.


  • SYN

    About 50% or so. Mainly ones with interesting-looking titles...

  • Prisca

    *reads title of this thread, decides it's not worth opening, and goes on to the next thread that has more appeal*

  • greven

    The title does it. So, no I do not read all threads.

    Do you read the entire newspaper?


  • Vivamus

    Nope, unless I'd be really bored, and spend entire days in misery behind my computer, wishing I had a life.

    So no, I do not

  • Simon

    No, I read the ones that interest me like most people I guess.

    I also try to read any that look like they are arguments or going to turn into arguments.

  • Matty

    This site regularly gets well over a thousand posts a day. Other ex-JW forums would be very grateful of that number in a whole month, most of them get less than that in a whole year! It's physically impossible for anyone to read all the posts here. That's why you really need a catchy title to get people to look at your thread because a lot of us are just like Prisca and greven - we don't bother opening the thread unless it jumps out at us and demands to be read!

    Around about this time however, I tend to read pretty much everything that comes up new on the Active Posts, because it's the slowest time of the day.

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