Tokens of Affection

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  • CoonDawg

    Thanks, copsec...

    I know I miss your mom too....and I know my little sis does. I know I'll never forget your mom.


    PS...that's me and my grandson @ his first haircut.


  • copsec

    Coon, there was no picture there??????

  • Prisca

    Heaven, that's a beautiful story. Maybe your daughter felt there was something special about that locket, or perhaps she just thought it was pretty, like you did when you first bought it for your grandmother? Either way, that photo has much meaning (it's also a beautiful photo of her!).

    BigTex, a similar thing happened when my sister came across some old negatives taken at the time I was a baby. Some pics were there that we had never seen before.

    Also, a cousin of mine had a film taken of her wedding 30 years ago. In the film were my parents and my sister. It was an incredible feeling to see my mother there, talking and laughing in the film (no sound unfortunately) like she used to.

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