How God Says Things.

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  • Blueblades

    From" Power for Living " a book giving to me to read ,comes this analysis. How God Says Things: God uses a basic pattern in communicating to man.

    First,He gives a command or a promise.

    Second,the Bible tells of man's response.

    Third,a word of evaluation is given.

    Power for living goes on to say that this simple pattern repeats itself throughout the whole Bible.

    It gives an example: At the very beginning of the Bible,God creates the world with His Word.God then tells man to take care of the world ( garden ).He tells Adam that he will be rewarded with eternal life if he obeys.

    This is the first step,the command / promise.Adam is commanded to do something,and a promise is given in relationship to that command.The promise is not always given right after the command,and sometimes the promise is given and the command is implied.

    The second step,after the command / promise we read of man's response.Adam and Eve's response.He set out to do what God told him to do.The right kind of response, ( my comment,up to here things look good for them,eternal life is within their grasp.)

    But,another kind of response to God's command/promise is seen.Satan tempts Adam and Eve to disobey God's command/promise and substitutes a new command/promise.He says,Do what God told you NOT to do and you will be like god's.

    They listened to Satan and that was their response to God's command/promise.

    Next, the third step ,God's evaluation and the result of that evaluation bring us to where we are today.No eternal life, So,Power for Living says this is how God says things.Command/promise,response, and evaluation/judgment. Power for Living says That this threefold pattern appears everywhere in the Bible.

    Does this mean that this pattern demonstrates that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, and thus we can believe this account of How God Says Things to us today through the pattern in this book or otherwise.

    Blueblades, who is grasping for the elusive eternal life

    .Its sunday, so, I thought I would post this topic instead of going to the kingdom hall where they agree with with Power for Living.I know its all based on a belief system, but , what are your thoughts on Power for Living and what they say about How God SAYS THINGS.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    God gives - creation speaks to us - Genesis describes what God is saying in the creation.

    Some may think that He spoke and things appeared, but it is c reation that is God speaking, and Genesis describes what He has said - "Let the earth put forth vegetation.."

    I can hear God by looking around. To be like God is to speak in such a manner - giving to both friend and enemy.


  • Blueblades

    A.PADUAN, Hi! ROMANS 1:20. Is this what you mean? "His invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward"....So, even if we don't literally hear God's voice audibly or internally or read how He says what He says through a book His creation speaks loud and clear?

  • gumby

    Hey blueblades,

    First,He gives a command or a promise. ( and he already KNOWS the outcome )

    Second,the Bible tells of man's response.( and he already KNEW of the outcome )

    Third,a word of evaluation is given. ( and he already KNEW what evaluation he would give ) to you explain why he started in the first place when he already KNEW the results?


  • Blueblades

    Hi GUMBY! That's why I'm asking for help in this area.Because others have said that He chose not to know the outcome. Still I don't buy into any of it ,that is that He did know, or,He did not know.

    Because human suffering has been the result of how God says things.And allowing that SLY one to deliberately kill the human family.This goes against what some call a Loving Father ???????

  • Undecided

    My wife is a christian. She is always trying to straighten out my thinking.

    My daughter had a stray dog that she picked up off the road and spent several hundred dollars getting it well. It was a grumpy little thing and had bitten Emily(my granddaughter) and her other dog. I told her I would take it out in the woods and put a bullet through it's head. My wife said how could you be so crewl?

    Well, I said, I was just being like God, if we don't do exactly like he wants he kills us. I'm not crewl to animals but I will take care of a problem like this.

    Ken P.

  • gumby


    others have said that He chose not to know the outcome. Still I don't buy into any of it ,that is that He did know, or,He did not know.

    The "others" you mention are those parroting JW beliefs. Their answer is jehovah chose NOT to know the outcome as this would prevent free will, and hence would put into motionall the deaths and horror that would occur when God would utter the words..."let us make man". This is pointed out in the Aid book under "foreknowlege" I believe.

    This pesents a problem for what the scriptures teach about God knowing the beggining to the end....the "finale" of all things. He is omnipotent...all powerful, all knowing, according to the bible and no mention is made anywhere about him witholding information from himself. This idea proceeds from W.T. as does many others ideas they have so their "other" doctrines will fit in.

    Time and again the bible talks about forknowing, predestined, and God knowing things that would happen befor they happened. Isn't that what prophecy is?

    Me personally........I have only spoke here from a biblical perspective, and not my own beliefs.


  • Blueblades

    Gumby, I feel the same way you do.When I use the Bible,I do it for those who accept that belief system, looking for them to make sense out of the senseless.

  • gumby

    It's intresting how you can use a book you do not believe in/ or highly disprove of an Organisation you also do not believe in.

  • Blueblades

    Gumby,It's done all the time,in all areas of references.People quote other people's books ,organizations,teachings,even when they don't believe in such and such.It's done in all the schools of thought to give an opposing view to any given subject.

    For example:The site QUOTES is instrumental in using the WT's own words to help others to see the opposing view right out of their own organizational teachings .

    Another example :Those who believe in different opposing views on the ORIGIN OF LIFE will use reference works of each others to establish support for their thinking even if each one does not believe in the other's views.

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