Same Old Same Old New Light

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  • Stephanus

    In the March 15 Watchtower there is an article entitled The Early Christians and the Mosaic Law. It takes a Watchtower style look at the debates over what relevance the Law had that took place in the early Christian era. This is the passage that sums it all up for the loyal Dub (of course):

  • dmouse

    Yes, Stephanus, I noticed this paragraph too. On the surface, it seems like preparation of the troops for possible 'new light'? In the meantime it suggests that old chestnut when things don't make any sense: 'waiting on Jehovah'.

    The important thing of course is for the JWs not to get too upset because the Faithful Slave has made a balls-up again of understanding the scriptures. And why bother 'making use of the spiritual food we have today' if it will all change tomorrow?

    There are some important changes that HAVE to be made sooner or later, whether they like it or not; 1914 and the blood issue for instance are ticking time bombs.

    If we do so Jehovah will bless us with endless life that is both happy and satisfying.
    My God, this last sentence could have been written by a child, talk about dumbing down!
  • outbackaussie

    And whatever you do, DON'T drift away!!! You may become ensnared by those evil apostates

  • Francois

    There is ONE thing that is absolutely clear to me right now, today. And that is that the book of Galatians specifically warns the congregation there NOT to allow any one to come along, no matter who it is, and even attempt to reestablish the observance of the Mosiac Law.

    I don't need to "be patient" until that meaning become clear. It was clear when it was written two thousand years ago.

    I don't need to "be patient" while the spin meisters of the WTBTS spin up a new rationalization and new meaning for the word "don't"

    When it comes to being slick, sneaky, dishonest, immoral and unethical, the WTBTS has got Clinton and the Clinton administration beat HANDS DOWN.


  • reporter

    And in reality, the Mosaic Law is being insidiously re-established, a good part through the fundamentalist cults! It is an exact opposite to everything that Christ came to accomplish, with freedom being the key word.

  • enjoy

    Another "NEW LIGHT" surprise!!!! IT is so hard to beleive that I actually use to trust them and beleive in them. The brain washing really works./...

  • simwitness

    wait a minute, wait a minute...

    What's this bogus question:

    If I had lived at that time, how would I have responded as God's will was progressivly revealed?

    1. Last I checked, there was so much "pouring out" of the holy spirit that there was no "progressive revealing" of anything. Those that knew, knew.

    2. The major thing to note, especially in Acts, is that there was much disagreement about things, so much so that they (the holy spirit directed ones, mind you) had arguments over what was right/wrong, neccesary and unneccesary.

    3. Show me one scripture/passage etc... that points to a "progressive revealing". Point to one passage that says "My will be revealed to you as I see fit" from God/Holy Spirit/Christ. Everything that I have ever read was very cut/dry. (helps when it is written after the fact, of course)

    Yes, Life in itself is a journey, and many things are revealed to us on it. If I were to claim "direction by the holy spirit" or to be "God's Mouthpiece" I had better not need to do any backpedaling.

    Such a subtle little question that is, simply because it leads the reader to believe, without proof, that there was a "progressive revealing" of anything. Best I could tell, God's Will at that point was very clear cut. Believe in Christ and you live, dont believe and you die. (and since everyone that was alive at that point is now dead, kinda hard to say where that got them).

  • cruzanheart

    Interesting thing: in the paragraph it talks about waiting on Jehovah to provide answers to lingering questions, bu in the question (the "b" part) it asks about responsible BROTHERS' interpretation. Subtle, very subtle.


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  • Mum

    There you have it. All you have to do is persuade people to believe they have found "the trooth" and then they will believe any old lie that is told to them. In fact, you can create edge-of-their-seat anticipation in them for the next rehashed interpretation of stuff that others have understood for thousands of years.

    SandraC of the "no-strobe-light-for-me-except-at-the-disco" class

  • Mum

    Oops, I forgot:

    Good point, Nina!

    responsible brother = male JW who knows how to commit pedophilia and blame the victim

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