A Bit of Anxiety

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  • patio34

    Why Am I Putting Myself Through This??

    I am going on a coffee date with a man I've never met, but e-mailed for two weeks. This is my 1st date in . . . well, a very long time. I don't date and have been divorced for a very long time.

    But I fear if I don't do this, I'll never do it and I don't want fear to overcome an action I'm curious about. So, I'll just white knuckle my way through it. Sounds like a really fun time, huh?

    As Meg Ryan said in You've Got Mail "I'm putting this question into the cosmic void."

    I leave in a mere 1/2 hour and still don't know what I'm going to wear (not too dressy, but not sweats either). I'll be glad when it's over!!!

    Thanks for listening. If you have any consolation or great . . .


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    (((patio34))),your going to do just fine..Be yourself,thats who everybody likes..Enjoy your date...OUTLAW

  • Realist

    hello patio,

    hope you have a great date!!!

    let us know how it worked out!


  • expatbrit

    You'll be fine! When in doubt, smile like Marlene Dietriche!


    Oh, and don't forget to give a good witness.

  • patio34

    What great responses!! ((((OUTLAW, Realist, and Expatbrit)))))

    I'm so glad I put this thread up. I feel better already. I typed one up and then chickened out. I'm just a bundle of nerves today. But y'all made me feel better--Thanks!!

    I'm wearing clothes that I'm very comfortable in.

    I have hit upon a psychological trick to set my mind at ease a bit. I'm going to assume this is as hard for him as me at least. He's a widower. So, I'm going to make it my business to make him feel very comfortable and enjoy it instead of worrying myself to death about MY end of matters. I feel better already. He seems to be a very bright and witty fellow thru his emails.

    I'm leaving in a few, and will check back in after The Date.



  • Seven

    I'm going to make it my business to make him feel very comfortable


    Please resist the urge to play footsie with him while he's got a mouthful of coffee. Good luck and have a good time.


  • think41self


    Looking forward with much anticipation to your report afterwards.


  • patio34

    I'm home!

    LOL Seven--it was hard but I refrained.

    Thanks for the (((( )))) Tracy!

    It was great to have this board to come to for comfort and moral support!

    Love to all!


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  • jgnat

    Why are you putting yourself through this? For the adventure. Let us know how it worked out, OK? Did he look as intelligent as he sounded in his e-mails?

  • jgnat

    Oops! You responded as I composed. Congratulations! The only word of caution I could think of... is there a tan line on his ring finger?

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