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  • Xena

    Hey Mega,

    Yes I kept copies of ALL the documents and plan on using them if I have to, to show what shoddy work I have received so far for my money.

    I know I started laughing when I was told they were waiting for me to call them to proceed with my divorce. If I knew all the procedures I wouldn't have needed them and I never gave them any reason to think I didn't want to continue with the divorce, how could I have when I had not spoken to them in the intrum?

    From everything I have read here and in speaking with some other friends I am sure that I am totally in the right here and I intend to either get my money back or get my divorce for the agreed upon price.

    Thank you

    PS Bring plenty of beer for me to steal from you at the apostatefest, k?

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    If the papers they returned to you are date stamped by the District Clerk, you are already proceeding. The last step in the process is just to set up a date for the docket after March 21, which is the end of the 60 day waiting period. I can't believe that they didn't even do this yet. Sheesh! Shouldn't take a wait of more than a week after March 21 to get a docket date. I have ony been through one divorce, but it was hell... and three custody trials. Never even went to trial.. just all the stuff leading up to it (including the $$) and then my ex didn't show up. How nice of him!

    If you can't have your questions answered satisfactorily, you might be able to get her to go down there and file a Motion to Withdraw as Counsel and just set up your own docket date since you already have the paperwork filed down there. She seems to think that you'll give her more money because you want to conclude with this so fast and you *need* her to finish it for you. Nope, honey, you don't.

    Country Girl



    You've gotten some good advice. I just wanted to wish you luck sweets!

  • Xena

    Just wanted to let ya'll know.....after calling and leaving a message with my attorney's secretary (she conveniently wasn't in)....letting her know that I intended to contact the Bar and the Better Business Bureau if she continued in her efforts to get me to pay more than our agreed upon price for my divorce.......I received another letter from my attorney......she backpedeled very nicely and put in writing what our agreed upon price had been and now no longer needs more money from me to it looks like my divorce will go forward as planned.

    Thank you everyone for your help and support!!!!

  • teejay

    Good news, Zee. My divorce (ten years ago) went pretty smooth so I wasn't able to offer you any advice but I *was* concerned with the hassles you were having to deal with. Glad things are progressing as they should have all along.

    As if going through the trauma of a divorce isn't bad enough, an attorney comes along and not only does shoddy work but tries to squeeze somebody for an extra buck. Lawyers!

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