Terror threat to go to Orange

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  • PurpleV


    We're going to a High terror alert today.

    Please be careful everyone. And say an extra prayer for us here in NYC.

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    On Wednesday, sources told CNN that the FBI is closely watching a "handful" of people believed to be Iraqi intelligence officers in the United States. There is also surveillance of at least several hundred Iraqi nationals living in the United States who are thought to be supporters of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

    Scary... and yet it ubelievable for me to see people that are against a strike on Iraq.

  • dubla


    well, it is unbelievable, but its due to another unbelievable fact: many of them think saddam is harmless!


  • abbagail
    Bush to raise terrorism threat level

    From Kelli Arena

    WASHINGTON (CNN) --President Bush will raise the national terrorism threat level Friday from an elevated risk of terrorist attacks to a high risk, sources have told CNN.

    The national threat levels, developed after the September 11 attacks, are part of a color-coded system. Currently the level stands at elevated risk -- or yellow. High risk would be orange.

    The threat level change is expected to be announced at a 1 p.m. ET news conference, government officials said. Both Attorney General John Ashcroft and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge will be on hand.

    Earlier sources told CNN that U.S. government officials had recommended to the president that he raise the threat level, following several days of debate within the government about whether to take such an action.

    Counterterrorism officials have said they are more worried about a possible terrorist attack due to several factors, including an increase in the so-called "chatter" level.

    Worldwide chatter prompted the State Department on Wednesday to issue a new worldwide warning that cautions Americans to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

    The stepped-up chatter indicates a greater amount of intelligence coming in about a possible attack, especially by al Qaeda, the culmination beginning this weekend of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and the continuing confrontation with Iraq, according to officials.

    On Wednesday, sources told CNN that the FBI is closely watching a "handful" of people believed to be Iraqi intelligence officers in the United States. There is also surveillance of at least several hundred Iraqi nationals living in the United States who are thought to be supporters of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

    Also worrisome to U.S. officials is increased intelligence from a variety of sources in recent weeks suggesting a possible future attack in the United States that could include chemical or biological weapons.

    The information does not single out any specific chemical agent or target, but officials said they are mostly concerned about the vulnerability of so-called "soft targets," such as apartment buildings, sports arenas and amusement parks.

    Since the inception of the color-coded threat level system -- officially called the Homeland Security Advisory System -- in March 2002, the status has been yellow the whole time except for a short period around July 4 when it was raised to orange.

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    Thanks V, I hadn't even heard this yet. Truly some scary S*** and I don't like it at all. I live alone in an apartment complex, and I remember hearing awhile back that is one of the "targets" (as the above article also indicates). Worse yet, I live practically around the corner from one of the world-wide aeronautical universities where many Middle Easterners go to school (it was heavily investigated after 9/11, so hopefully they are checking all new students more closely).

    I never go to sporting events so I am somewhat "safe" from that possibility. However, I live approx. 5-10 miles from a major nationwide race track that has its annual 500-stock-car race this month. I can hear them practicing, even from where I live, for weeks now.

    I just get the feeling, There's Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide -- like we are all sitting ducks for these crazy nuts out there. Can't help but think of Bible prophecy either... ho hum. Makes me want to move home to the folks' house!

    I remember seeing a news report that if there is a chemical or biological release in your area, to immediately cover your windows, from the inside, with thick plastic and tape it up with masking tape. Think I need to go out and stock up on plastic and tape. Thankfully, I only have two windows in this place.

    You take care up there in the Big Apple.

  • Shakita


    I have a son-in-law who works in a building near the WTC site. He would watch as the cleanup was being performed and the body bags filled. Please, not again. I don't know how much more the great City of New York can stand. Take care.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • JH

    Since 9/11 we live in terror. Especially those in big cities. I don't think this will stop once Iraq is taken care of. There will always be revenge on people's mind. Terror is bad, and mega terror is much worse. Imagine a terrorist with WMD in a big city like New York.

    How can you fight an invisible enemy on your soil?

    Remember the shootings a few months ago in Washington. It took a long time to find these guys. How about the Anthrax in letters last year, they never found out where it came from.

    So I can't see how we can stop terrorism?

  • Xander

    You know, I should bookmark this thread and bump it to the top again, oh, say 10 years from now or so.

    Anyone actually ever read '1984'?

  • PurpleV

    Thanks Grits & Mrs. S

    It's pretty scary. I work in a building that sits on top of Grand Central Terminal and I take the subway. It's the subway we worry about when they're talking nerve gas and stuff.

    The only comfort is the NYPD. Not many people know this but they've set up their own antiterrorism task force. 1000 officers are constantly checking bridges, tunnels and trains. They get international intelligence reports too. They're doing it because we can't rely on the federal government as you well know.

    You're right... it does feel like there's no where to run, no where to hide.

  • LovesDubs

    Yes its scary...I remember my mother putting up canned goods in our basement during the Cuban missile crisis. We didnt know WHERE those missiles would go...but it scared the hell outta my parents. We cant stop living our lives. We grew up thinking that putting the blanket over our heads would protect us against that boogie man, real or imagined. If we stop living...they win.

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