Cults and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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  • Gizmo


    If they saw themselves as more humble and more meek than others

    Yes, but that's not what I said is it SS?

    I said:

    Those that remain humble and meek in nature cannot be classified as narcissistic.

    Big difference as SEEING ones self in a way, and BEING that way isn't there?

    I know a few very humble and meek people actually, and they don't go around having to say "look how humble and meek I am" that would offcourse be contrary to being humble and meek, much like the pharisees, who had someone walk in front of them proclaiming how great they were for their great contributions to the synagogue etc.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    A religion appeals to a person approval seeking self. Most followers of religion leave logic behind them. It is mostly an emotional experience for the most part. Why does it attract more women than men? I have a theory but I would like to see what others say about this.


  • dottie

    Excellent if only "they" could see it that way !!!!!!


  • Deleted

    eeeewwwww that sounds like 80% Rutherford, 20% Russell and 100% Fred Franz! I saved the website. Looks intertesting, thanks for the post!


  • DanTheMan

    For someone like me who definitely has narcissistic leanings, the hardest thing about leaving JW's is realizing that - I'm not the good and humble person who caught Jerhover's eye & subsequently was brought into into his wonderful and loving org after all. I'm just an everyday Joe that got duped by a cult. And I'm gonna die someday. I'm not a special case, exempt from the biological laws that everybody else is subject to.


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