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  • Xandria

    "Ooooooh Crap they know it is all B.S. this tough guy persona...underneath it all, I am just a wimp. I wannttt my woobie. Daddy damn it why didn't you finish the job in the first place."

    or " Damn it, I knew I should of allowed Gore to win!"


  • KungFu

    Quote 1 "Hmmmm. I'm feeling philosophical. A Bush is a Bush is a Bush is a Bush is a Bush." ::Frowns::

    "Then if a Bush is a Bush is a Bush, which came first?? The Bush or the Bush??"

    Quote 2 : "Duh, I'm frowning now but if I stand on my head it'll look like I'm smiling.......Duh"

    Quote 3: "That Saddam's last name shouldn't be 'Who's sane'. His name should be Saddam INsane. huh huh.......huhuhuh. I made a funny."

    Quote 4: "Sometime I get corn-fused between me and my Daddy. You know, cause his name is George Bush and cause my name is George Bush. Why did my last name have to be Bush?? That sounds borderline pornographic. Or is that phonographic?? Damn it hurts my head to think. If I'm not thinking about Iraq, I'm thinking about nukulular weapons of mass dickstrucshun. I need to take a Midol for this headache. I think it's that time of month again."

    Quote 5: "I don't know why my interns don't like my sweet talk. I tried to copy James Bond. I said "The names Bush, George Bush. Da Dant....Da Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" I don't know why it didn't work. I thought it was pretty smoothe myself. Especially the part where I say "Da Dant....Da Daaaaaaaaaa!!"

    Quote 6: "You know, I told Saddam I was going to go over there and kick his ass. The only problem is, I'm only one man. And he won't fight fair. He has himself and this big army. But I put my foot in my mouth. He was like "Georgie, I'm gonna kick yer ass!!" And I was like "You and what army??"

  • joannadandy

    "This is my angry face"

  • BeautifulGarbage

    "Daddy told me war would make popular. Drats those dangling chads"!


    Powell: shh...there he is

    Bush: That damn Rayzorblade, he thinks he's so goddamn smart...we'll I'll show him.

  • Debz

    "I hate Brocolli too......."

  • qwerty

    Colin, scratch a little to the right, NO right........THATS NOT AN EMORIOD!


  • cadreinc

    Bush--"Yeah, it was fun, Colin, but I think I'll stick to women. Let's not discuss this anymore!"

    Colin--"Sorry, Mr. Burns, it won't happen again."

  • heathen

    "This is what bill cowers looked like after pitsburgh got booted from the playoffs" .

  • manon

    Pa, Jeb broke my purple crayon.

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