What are they preaching?

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  • Latte


    You are so cute......I would miss you if you were'nt here.


  • Thirdson

    Regarding preaching the WTS likes to draw parallels between itself and various Biblical characters and events. (e.g. the Flood, Noah, the Babylonian conquest, Jeremiah etc). Jeremiah was a prophet all his adult life 40 years, and Noah (who in those days had a life expectancy 9 times the best we expect today) had to accomplish a building work (and preach)within 120 years. Moses led the people 40 years and lived to 120.

    What then of the modern day preaching work, soon to be accomplished, in these final and last days, where the Devil knows he only has a short time remaining? The WTS has been preaching doom and gloom since 1879 over 121 years...and longer than any Biblical warning period. Of course, the WTS won't make the connection, or could weasel out of it by saying the preaching began after the Cedar Point convention, (which one? insert date here).

    The point is after all of the failed expectations of the end, the generation, the surviving of the annointed leaders to the end pretty soon the whole preaching work (another apparent sign) is going to suffer a big demise.


    'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'

  • nojw86

    Thanks Latte, there is quite a bit of interesting topics for a start......nojw

  • RR

    Actually, they haven't changed much, although the Society still uses their old tricks.

    This is what they do, they introduce a subtle change, it can be a word, a phrase or a sentence, however the question to the paragraph NEVER discusses the 'change.' They sit back and wait to see what happens, if it is positive then they go ahead with the change, if it's negative, then they move on and forget it.

    Too often what they do is they make the changes gradually, and then the Society says "it's nothing new, this was discussed in teh April 1st Watchtower of 1999, yadda, yadda, yadda," and everyone looks and sure enough, there it is, "I don't remember that" they say!

    As to the gospel? They still go around reminding everyone that the end of the world is near, only no date!

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not God's fault!

  • Flip

    Have you drop you brain yet?[quote]

    Rolling on the floor and laughing so hard at the incongruity!!!

    Thanks Fred!


  • crossroads

    Fred, what other 11-scriptures do you know? This apostate
    reads the whole bible. Please turn to-Colossians-2:23
    and it says? In part- Gospel-you heard,which was preached
    to every creature under heaven. Past tense-already done.
    As for this apostate I do tell people that Jesus rose from
    the dead. Thats the good news ALL the apostles preached
    funny thing though everyone knows. Must have something to
    do with such pagan holidays such as christmas and easter.
    What did Jesus say to John about others expelling demons?
    If this is not one of the other 11 scriptures you know. Well
    you should open that good book of yours and find it, then
    you'll know 13.

  • neyank

    Hi crossroads,
    You're right.That is the Good News the apostles preached.
    That because of what Jesus had done, mankind has been reconciled with God.
    That Jesus died and rose again.
    That He paid the price for all.

    No matter what other good news is preached, without What Jesus had done,
    it's all worthless.


  • stephenw20

    its funny,

    we equate the door to door work today with what Jesus told his follwers to do.

    its not even in the same context today as it was then.

    they had "NOTHING" printed except maybe for soemthing from the OT, but even withthat being available, did that not reside in the synagogue.

    So when these went out to a city, they stayd there , inone place, and those WHO were INTERESTED, came to them.

    this so called preaching work today , is a glorified printingcompany pushing paper.

    There are nor radio ads, inviting ones to the KH, no newspaper ads doing the same.THE PREACHING WORK is not about Jesus , as others mentioned, and was really the ONLY thing they taught , his life his death and his RESSURECTION.

    what do JWS teach.............

    they teach this, please read our publication, we may come back, please read our publication, we will be back, would you like to study our publication,

    yet this is deceptive;ly passed of as a bible study.

    there is no comparison, to the work in the first century. it may be portrayed that way. to make the participants more motivated,

    but its just not makin it...


  • crossroads

    Sorry all: quoted scripture from above is colossians;1:23
    didn't have my glasses on. While your in that book please
    turn the page to 2:16 being I said something about the

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