A permanent jury system

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  • TR

    Excellent discussion.

    I like the idea of actually getting paid a normal wage for jury duty. I am one who would have to beg off from doing the duty. I simple couldn't afford to take weeks off.

    Maybe if there was a cap on what lawyers could earn from settlements in civil cases, some of that money could go to paying juries, professional or of our "peers." As far as criminal cases, where would the money come from to pay the jurors?


  • animal

    Where would the money come to pay the prevailing wages of the jurors? Some days, I make over 500 bucks... would it be fair to pay me that, while paying the donut lady minimum wage? Someone would bitch, I bet.

    Now, dont get me wrong. I have never been called for jury duty, but if called, I would go. I doubt any defense lawyer would let me serve, since I am not a sympathetic person AND I fight for constitutional rights. But, if called, I would have to sacrifice ... just like the patriots did a few hundred years ago.

    Back when the rules were laid out, only land owners could vote and only voters were called. Now, since anyone can vote, anyone can get called for jury duty. Landowners-only voting meant that people with a real stake in the game were making decisions as opposed to those that use the govt to live off of.

    I vote no pay for jury duty... but get your meals covered while there. Maybe a nice tshirt too!


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