Wicked Caress

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  • Ravyn

    Wicked Caress

    Cold sharp blades tipped her fingers

    double-edged razor her tongue

    Cut thru mediocrity and status quo

    To entice the rogue of heart

    From the middle of his

    common, safe road.

    She beckons with one crookd finger

    Gloved at first so as not to scare

    Her red lips dripping with

    forbidden juices

    to the first lived and the unknowing damned.

    She has him when he veers off course

    to the edge of the pavement

    subtle movements quick and accurate

    her touch on his sleeve is innocent

    to only those who

    wish to see it so.

    She bathed in perfumes

    of distant places

    some existing, some no more

    to cover the tang of human blood

    and sin and freedom-

    the scent of freedom scares more

    than the scent of eternal death...

    the scent of life well lived and pleasure

    is more repugnant to

    slaves than burning flesh...

    So she hides in gardens

    of his own making

    delusions and tales he tells himself

    to justify his junket

    and his own lying heart.

    Once she touches his flesh he is lost

    her caresses bring such

    wicked dreams and stark passions

    that he forgets who he was

    and only wants to be who he is!

    Another Xtian bites the dust!

    Another Child grows up!

    Another Captive is set free!

    Seduced by the wicked caress

    of Truth.

    Ravyn Giuliani

  • Mac


    Very nicely done (or should I say well executed?)


  • xenawarrior

    Ravyn- Love it!! Now THIS is poetry !!!!

    Keep writing Ravyn !!!


  • heathen

    I thought the ravyn was supposed to say "never more". Please explain why you use the term wicked caress of truth . I would think more fitting to say a lie perhaps.

  • Ravyn

    truth is more wicked than lies when someone does not want to face it. and some truths are lies in disguise. truth can be painful, stark, naked, and things we usually associate with negativity. so I figured that maybe the absolute truth could then be considered wicked if you were looking at it from that angle......


  • heathen

    Ravyn-- interesting philosophy you have there . True the truth can be plain and ugly but compared to lies and deception and manipulation I think it is the most valuable thing there is . People often say that truth is transient and open to interpretation but when it comes down to the brass facts it is the only thing we have to determine fact from fantasy . I think the more you look at it from that angle the more it shows it's beauty.

  • Ravyn

    I don't consider 'wicked' to be valueless or ugly....


  • heathen

    Ravyn-- I gather your generation use the term wicked in a different way than the websters definition as in , wicked = expletive of being overwhelmed by something?

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