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  • figureheaduk

    After reading the thread "Sharon Rowe to be Df'd tonight" on this board, and reading the replies, i felt so sick at the watchtower organization that I felt the drunken urge to send the watchtower a very short (but straight to the point) email saying "f**k your organization and all your false prophecies, do you ever think about the many lives you've helped to destroy (if not totally destroyed?". I sent it to [email protected] - it got returned 30 seconds later. Anybody else have a direct e-mail adress for this lying, evil, money grabbing cult? i know that on their crappy website there's that form you can fill in to get a bible study but just think, we can all send a mass email to them telling them what we think about them. To (kind of) qoute Cowboy Bush "Are you with us or against us?". Not that they would listen to us unbelievers/godless heathens/apostates/etc but any kind of cathartic release against the wanktower has to be a good thing

  • AlanF

    They don't have an email address that an outsider can use. They know perfectly well that that would be opening a can of worms they don't want to handle.


  • Brummie

    Try [email protected]

    Seriously though, it does get the blood boiling!


  • Simon

    I've posted a few comments in the past on their "form to request a home visit" but it has to look like an address . Someone must read it ...

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Hey figureheaduk,Clap

    How about mass mailings...where all us evil apostates Devilishand our families send mail daily on and on.....never ending through the old fashioned post.

    Doesnt have to say anything is just the fact they will have to open them daily in order to find their true mail !!!

    If everyone would really do such a thing it could be over whelming to them.

    Maybe if we made up a printable agenda of reforms we want. Then every letter they open would be just another list of changes they must make.

    Could be cool if people could really organize like that.

    My daughter has pointed out to me on more then on occasion that Jesus and the apostles regularly let the Pharisees know what they were doing wrong.

    I think this is better then e-mails.

    Just my 2 cents,


  • figureheaduk

    Sorry, it sould have read "Sharon Roe to be Df'd tonight". Just noticed something - isn't the .org at the end of a website supposed to mean a charity or other non-profit making organization ( when you appear in the new york times' top 100 and make profits of miilions of $//euros/yen/whatever how can you be seen as a charity??) Something tells me the watchtower's website should be or better still something like


    sorry if it seems a bit long winded. As an outsider who has never been, and never will be a part of their way of things, that's how things look.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Surely everyone knows that wt information only goes one way 
    - unless there is monetary liability or shameful exposure involved 
    - only then does 'some'listening occur - allbeit filtered.
  • Room 215
    Room 215

    How does the Watchtower, who aggressively markets its brand of religion to the public and ceaselessly solicits for home Bible Study candidates from the public, explain away its refusal to install a ``contact us" or ``Ask Us Your Bible Question" feature to handle inquiries, requests for studies, Bible questions, etc. on its official website? Certainly, there would be no shortage of pioneers willing to man the call-ins or answer e-mails and count the time!

    As one poster pointed out, the WT is a ``One Way Street" whether in demanding loyalty from its subjects or dispensing information to the masses.

  • Scully

    Utopian Raindrops writes:

    Could be cool if people could really organize like that.

    There's no reason why you couldn't..... I've seen it happen with my own eyes....

    Love, Scully

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