What if Saddam gets away?

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  • obiwan

    What do we or should we do if we go to war, many soldiers are killed and Saddam gets away just like Osama Bin Laden? Do we run over every country supposedly hiding him? Remember he has about 7 impersonators.

  • Elsewhere

    So long as he is not in power he will not be a major problem.

    Anyway, there are plenty of people out there who would like to see him dead. If they don't get him, time will.

  • RubaDub

    They could start a new TV series called CSI: Baghdad and track him down.

    *****Rub a Dub

  • reubenfine

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  • gsx1138

    If Saddam got away while we were at war with him that would be another black mark on the U.S. Our entire war is focused on him. Elsewhere spun it correctly but the rest of the world would not only see us as warmongering but incompetent.

  • JH
    Do we run over every country supposedly hiding him?

    Saddam will get away, I am sure! If the US wants to capture him, they will have to destroy every house in Iraq, where he could be hiding. But that will not happen because the US is not at war with the people of Iraq, but with Saddam.

    They want him out of power.

  • Elsewhere
    They want him out of power.

    Very true, the Bush and Powel have already publicly announced that they would accept exile for Saddam.

  • MegaDude

    If Saddam does plan to exile himself to save his skin, which I think he will, he will still want to inflict as much major media damage on the US as possible. So he'll give the impression he's staying and leave at the last minute, subjecting his people to the attack while he himself skips out to wherever he's going.

  • Elsewhere

    I think that Saddam is saving that as his "emergency backup plan".

    He will lie, deceive and resist to the very end. He will not just "bend over" and leave. If he is going to go down, he will try to take Iraq with him. He will make sure Iraq suffers as much damage as possible before he is gone... sort of a Scorched Earth policy. He will do all he can so that who ever comes in behind him will have a real mess to clean up and will have to start over from scratch.

    Like every super-villain in a cheesy movie, he has an "emergency escape pod" ready to go at the last minute. No telling how much money he has stashed away in numbered accounts around the world.

    How will the war go? Simple, his "elite military" will bend over and surrender by the tens of thousands at the first opportunity... like they did last time. His men will be begging reporters to accept them as prisoners... like they did last time.

    They will manage to lob some scuds at Israel and Kuwait... like they did last time. They will also manage to set on fire many oil wells, but ultimately the military force will be defeated very quickly... like the last time.

    We are not dealing with religious fanatics who are willing to strap bombs on their kids and send them into a market... these people are sick of Saddam and all of the suffering related to him.

    These people have no cause for which they are fighting. They fight because they were drafted at the end of the barrel of a gun. As soon as their supply and communication lines are cut from their superiors, who are threatening to kill them if they dont fight, they will all surrender at the first opportunity.

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