Seen Any Good Movies Lately??

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  • MegaDude

    Catch Me If You Can -- Good!

    Gangs of New York -- Skip this. (The scum of the earth fights the worse scum of the earth.)

    Signs -- Good. (if you liked The Sixth Sense)

    The Pianist -- Good

    Unfaithful -- Skip.

    Sex & The City Season 3 -- Excellent!

    Original Sin -- worth a rental

    Y Tu Mama (uncut version) -- Good

    The Bourne Identity -- just okay

    Minority Report -- Excellent!

  • Mac

    Just saw Minority Report and Signs last week. Enjoyed them both immensely!

    mac & ebert

  • ignored_one

    Ah let's see.

    Best film I saw recently was City of God

    The Good Girl and About Schmidt were good too.

    Another good British flick was Dirty Pretty Things with her from Amelie.

    Ignored One.

  • Scarlet

    I saw About Schimdt it was very good.

  • back2dafront

    I liked Unfaithful personally.

    Just saw Mulholland Drive and can't figure it out to save my life. It's a mind F&%@ for sure.


    Hey, I didn't see this one mentioned, but I am going to check out an Australian film called: RABBIT PROOF FENCE.

    People here who saw it, raved about it. So I'm going to give it a go.

    Actually, I'm glad you folks cared enough to post some reviews and opinions on some movies, because it always helps to get a 'reference' of sorts.

    Thanks to everyone .

  • pr_capone

    There is a new movie out called "The Recruit". VERY good movie. I enjoyed every single minute of it.

    Catch me if you can was also VERY good.

    LOTR TTT - Excellent, but then those are my favorite books so I may not be the person to ask.

  • TheStar
    Gangs of New York -- Skip this. (The scum of the earth fights the worse scum of the earth.)

    LOL! Mega, that's about what I thought of the movie too. I was so disappointed.

    You watch Sex & The City?!?!?! That's my fav. show and I've missed this whole season because I no longer have HBO.

  • ring

    i rented the movie "Trapped" with kevin bacon last week, i didnt fall asleep..thought it was pretty good

  • MegaDude

    Hi Star,

    I love "Sex and The City" and have the first three seasons on DVD. The best show on TV in my opinion. I don't have HBO either, but I watch Sex and the CIty, The Sopranos and OZ as they are released on DVD. Man, that is the way to do it because you can see all the episodes of the season in a single sitting, or two sittings! All three shows are good, OZ being very good. I hear "Six Feet Under" is also good.

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