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  • Grunt

    I really do hate them.

    Every now and then it does me good to make my views on the cult known as JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES known. I didn't come to this view slowly or rashly, but over a period of some thirty years or more. When I think of the futures I have seen shredded, the hypocrites I have seen looking down their twisted noses from the bottom of a pit while they thought they were on a pedestal of righteousness, the children I have seen tortured over issues they needn't have faced, the couples I have seen turn on one another and break apart over this phoney "religion", the children I have seen turn on their parents, brothers and sisters, the selfish things I have seen charlatans posing as christians do, the ignorance of the bible I have seen expounded with the tones and knowing looks of superiority, the tears I have seen shed by caring puppet-people trying to serve God honestly but being forced to do uncaring things by the strings pulled in New York, well......

    Have I mentioned I HATES'EM!!!!!!!!

    I hates 'em, and I will till the day this cult dies. I hope it won't be long.


    P.S. I hates 'em

    P.S. P.S. My pardon to J.R.Tolkein's Gollum for borrowing his phrase. It just fits so well.

  • belbab

    Way to grunt, grunt!

    belbab, I seen a lot of it too.

  • Seven

    Ahhhhh, My precious Grunt! I hates 'em too.

  • lauralisa

    Hear, hear, Grunt

    I definitely hear you


    If anyone remembered me on old XJW forums ages ago, you'd almost think Grunt and I were twins.

    No offense Grunt, I can relate to your posting, totally.

    I'm not as cranky as I used to be. Trust me, I was quite the character at one time, but I have mellowed out, and I don't know how I did it, but I just did.

    This forum is great, you can share your feelings and opinions without worry.

    Grunt. Sad thing for me, not being able to talk to one-time very close and dear JW friends. But in some respects, I know now, we'd be on two such different wavelengths, that'd it be like talking to a stranger. I guess.....that's to be expected.

    Here, it's a great place to meet new folks, who share similar experiences, and won't shun you for it .

  • kelpie

    I cant say I have as much anger as you do Grunt I do feel anger towards individuals.. not them as a whole..



  • TR

    Say, if the old bastards in Crooklyn were assassinated, would the gomers that take over revamp the WTS?

    Just wondering, cause I hates em too!


  • Joker10

    Hatrade is a bad feeling. Hope you overcome it.

  • Grunt

    My thanks to all who replied, Seven, so good to see your name. I hope all is well with you. You and the old crew first drew me to this site way back when H20 was up and running. I am grateful. Keep on Keep'n On!

    Kim, give them time. Your your emotions will stretch to fit the facts and you will despise the whole cult too. When I first left I thought they were just sincerely wrong, honestly searching christians. As I learned to appreciate the magnitude of their greed, the coldness and implications of their lies and the worldwide sameness of their syncophants, my disgust and hatred swelled to match their deeds. I mostly hate the leaders and the "Organization" itself, I try to help and enlighten the poor misguided "other sheep" though I have been inspired by contact to despise a few individual hypocrites who earned it.

    TR, nah, they are birds of a feather, and share common traits. The good thing is they are a passing bubble of sewage in a fairly clean sea of people. Most people reject the lies and the coldness, hence their slowed growth rates, the enormous turn over of members and the high rate of children "Raised In the Truth" that exit as soon as possible. As for the leaders old and new well, the fouler parts of sewage sink to the bottom of the tank, and they are on the way down. The rest flow on out and are clensed. It is only when I come in contact with the source that I remember the stench at all. The good thing is that once you smell it you can recognize it anywhere! I won't be fooled again.

    Rayzorblade - "But in some respects, I know now, we'd be on two such different wavelengths, that'd it be like talking to a stranger. I guess.....that's to be expected." Yep, that is to be expected. You are not a cult member. You have a heart and think for yourself. Their wavelength is sent out from "The Slave" who is their Master and for whom they sacrifice friends like you and me, and their children, wives, husbands, parents or anyone else that is critical of their "Slave" master. Seeing Jews treated like dirt became normal to Germans. We can never forget just how cruel and unchristian these people really are. I imagine if you hang around a few close family members that won't speak to you for a while, you could get your edge back!!! I hope that never happens of course.

    Thank you Lauralisa, it always feels good to know there are those like you and Seven and the others who stand beside you in the fight, though my fight is not contingent upon support. They are really evil, rotten people who hurt a lot of idealistic and trusting people. They use blackmail and lies like you and I use stamps.

    Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart for sharing a strong, an intense hatred for the LIE that is the Jehovah's Witnesses. Godspeed if your path is against them.


  • LovesDubs

    I used to think hate was a strong word too...but thats exactly my emotion towards the Society and theres no ROSE COLORING of it. I think facing my anger and my hatred is healthier for me than staying the GOOD GIRL and bottling it all up and trying not to OFFEND anybody...well BY GOD they destroyed my FAMILY and continue to tear it apart day after day after day...and there is no forgiveness for their sins. Not here...not in my heart...not in the heaven of the heavens. Sinners who repent, stop their sinning, the Society sins with great pleasure, ripping apart lives like a beast over a fresh kill.

    As long as I hate them...I wont be caught off guard, and I can protect my children. Even the bible which I dont believe in either, says to HATE what GOD HATES...and in His list of things he HATES....are all the attributes of the Watchtower Society. My conscience is CLEAR.

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