I watched some of the Regional Assembly

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I watched about 2 hours of the regional assembly and these are my thoughts. The video's and songs did stir my good memories of when I was a JDub elder and very happy in the religion. I can see how these two things would make it difficult to leave the Borg because of the emotional buy-in.

    Now getting into the talks, the cults true colors show and I wonder how in the hell was I a part of that for over 40 years. Just two examples are in the first talk where the speaker says that we need courage to let our young daughter die if she needs a blood transfusion. Then we need courage while out in the ministry and we approach three men by their motorcycles and they have flags.

    I think that the Gibbering Body knows how important their videos are to hold things together and no doubt there will be a lot more coming in the future. Without these videos there would be many more Witlesses heading for the exit doors.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    There is a LOT of thought that goes into their programs/conventions. It's just devious thought.

  • Finkelstein

    There is no question to the realization the JWS is a cult built and structured around fear, ignorance and self serving corruption.

    The leaders know they can make more of psychological impact onto people by using visual video presentations streamed not only at Conventions but all Kingdom Halls.

    This is how the WTS is going to press on in the future with their fear, guilt and shame, provoking people to do what they want them to do, through work and financial donations.

  • LV101

    They are one of the most intelligently operated cults in history - a group of psychologists proved this yrs. ago and wish I'd copied/saved from H20 - maybe this board. The journals (WT and Awake) were their bait and many are brainwashed before they enter the door at a hall. The cult's MO is well orchestrated and I'm sure they've followed mind control methodologies or someone else is in control over the Great 8.

  • Wakanda

    I was just thinking about this LV101. I was wondering how new people even come in?! Well, the one I have talked to in the last year said it took him years, and he was just so slow. Then it dawned on me Mellinially, ha ha, that he was brainwashed years ago not to look at any 'apostate' or negative info about JWs. Then he finally got completely sucked in.

    Also, I saw tears forming from those damned videos. Dammit.

  • Spiral

    I left before videos became a thing and I make a point of not watching them. (My mom's caregiver watches them with her.) But it makes sense that the bOrg has realized that videos could be a key emotional hook to keep people in. Let's face it, the literature is pretty dry, and the music used to be just awful. (Probably still is, but again, I make a point of being elsewhere on "video" day.) Perhaps they have experts in Cult-ology help them craft especially "catchy" videos?

  • skin

    I was made to watch Junes broadcast, within 2 minutes of it starting, I was told that there is a difference between a pile of wood and a heap of wood. Talk about manipulating the English language to their advantage.

  • LV101

    Yep, Wakanda the literature was brainwashing big time. This was proven by mental health professionals. Pandas, living forever in perfect health and everything perfect -- loving organization, learning the Bible which was, after all, mankind's instruction book and only hope. It's a huge selling point when you believe in god and have seen the hypocrisy in other religions. I loved reading the journals and when I saw a contrast in the halls was confused.

    Nothing like fantasy.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The Borg likes to roll out the FOG. My JDub wife is always talking about how guilty she feels. Do more and more. What the hell...the JDubs are unpaid volunteers and it costs lots of money to be an active Witless.

  • zeb

    More and more and more ; 'why arent you pioneering!" (because i was raising little ones and paying a mortgage)

    Oh go F*** off!

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