Sheep / Goat / Righteously Inclined / Meek Like??

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  • Big Jim
    Big Jim

    This will probally sound like an elementary question but it is one that the Wittnesses have never giving me a solid answer on.

    Are you born a sheep or a goat?

    Are some born more righteously inclined?

    If the answer is yes, then why?

  • larc

    Big Jim,

    I think the reason you won't get an answer is because the question and answer is not prgrammed in their brain. Any unique question will cause a brain freeze and a vacant stare on their face.

  • Yerusalyim


    To answer Yes to that question, yes, that some are more spiritually inclined then others, would necessitate the beleif in PreDestination. Something I solidly reject. I DO however, think that some feel God's calling more clearly than do others. Environment will play a role in whether they know how to answer that call. The drug addict and the saint are seeking to do the same thing, to fill a God sized hole in their being.



    There is more of heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosphy, Horatio.

    Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities

  • stephenw20


    I can see many feel that way abotu predestiantion... they never do though look at whose Mother Solomon was.........

    or the rest of the line between, Abraham and Jesus...were these men not predestined.......

    how many people does it take to make ONE prophecy come TRUE........and if you have never seen it....RENT the movie the Game with Michael Douglas.....then answer the question again.

    BTW, I never believed in fate

  • Simon

    It's funny when you really think about it...

    To judge us on how we are born (genetics etc.) which we have no control over would be wrong, right?

    So what else makes us 'who we are'?

    Isn't it our experiences and how we are brought up? But that means that if you're lucky enough to not be tortured and abused etc.. so grow up a happy, well adjusted, god-fearing christian that again, you have an advantage through no real credit to yourself.

    I guess it comes down to "what makes us who we are?"

    Is it what we are born with, what we pick up along the way or something else. If so, what ?

  • Carmel

    Let's see know, I'm Aries, so being a ramalambadingdong I must be a horney sheeeeeep! Unfortunately, I married a fish (pisces)! You should see our kids, (woop's that goat offspring) they have scales for skin. So I was born a sheep but because I drank er, a, married a fish, I became a goat! Yeah, that's it! Now what was the question?

    Oh yeah ! sure I inherited my sheepishness from old Adam!

    confused caveman

  • Introspection

    Good point Simon. I think the question is just how does one measure righteousness? If we look at it through the lens of right behavior alone, you'd be missing the heart which I think is vital. Take for example a person with some kind of handicap, suppose they have a job sweeping the floor but are not very good at it, yet he gets the job done. Someone like that may not do it RIGHT, but they may put forth good effort and arrive on time, be devoted to their job despite their limitations. To me what is sheep like is recognizing that you don't know everything, or anything, really. A goat would be one who thinks very highly of his own opinion. Regardless of who is more correct, the one with humility will be open to learning, whereas the goat seem to characterize those who think they know it all... Isn't there a scripture that says there is more hope for the stupid one than someone like that?

  • Carmel

    you guys are pissing me off! goats get a bum rap in the bibe! Why do you thing every sheep herder has a few goats? they're like dubs who wake up to the fact that independent thinking isn't the taboo that the FDS wants you to believe. just cause goats are about 900% more intelligent than the woolies don't mean they don't gots a heart!

    ticks me off too that poor little piggies get the scum treatment by some bad mouthers wanting to cast demons onto and into them.

    carmel who likes his goats milk and pork roast

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