The Nun Joke

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  • Big Jim
    Big Jim

    This nunn dies and goes to heaven, when she gets there St.Peter tells her that they are all full and that she could pick whoever she wanted to be for a week back on earth.
    She tells St.Peter she would like to be Sandy Pippe Line. St. Peter does not know who she is talking about so he says he will have to look into the birth records to get more information.

    So he looks and he can find no record of a Sandy Pippe Line ever being born and he informs the nunn of this.

    The nunn says oh yes let me show you, so she reaches in her pocket and pulls out a newspaper clipping and hands it to him.

    St.Peter reads it and his face turns all red and he tells the nunn he says no sister this reads THE SANDY PIPE LINE LAID BY 100 MEN IN ONE WEEK.

  • Sassenach

    I love that joke. The version I heard was with "sara pipeline" pronounce pip-ee-lean-ee. Or Sahara Pipeline

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