What ARE the fruits that the JW tree produces?

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    We'll thank you for that observation " disposable Hero of Hypocricy" and your right " some may get through an entire life in the bOrg benefited ( only because they they KNOW NO better ) I would say it's because they lack knowledge and NO, KNOW better.

    But then we all someday should have to look back from the mirror, and the amount of hairspray we put in our hair, has little to do with who we are inside.

    The Rebel.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    I can only speak from my own standpoint.

    I haven't suffered at the hands of the bOrg (except for my lack of education), contrary to that I've seen and experienced plenty of good fruits, companions, kindnesses etc, and would still obliviously be enjoying these things had I not woken up. It's only now, with knowledge that I realise there are plenty of rotten fruits as well.

    Of course, this knowledge is forbidden to any good jdub, so I personally don't believe they know better, they're conditioned to never take in information contrary to wt so they genuinely believe they're doing the right thing. I feel sorry for them, for all of us.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    ~ Organization worship.

    ~ Religious superiority complex

    ~ Blind, unconditional obedience and loyalty

    ~ Inability to think critically and independently

    ~ Group think

    ~ Inability to speak freely

    ~ Irrational phobia induction

    ~ Willful ignorance and fear of disconfirming information

    ~ Closed mindedness

    ~ Prejudice, bigotry and profiling of outsiders

    ~ Institutionalized hypocrisy

    ~ Institutionalized secrecy

    ~ Emphasis on outward appearances

    ~ Pharisaic rule making

    ~ Use of deceptive spin speak to cover up the ugly aspects of the religion.

    ~ Healthy social and family relationships are subordinated to cult devotion.

    ~ Family ostracism and shunning of those that leave or express contrary opinions.

    ~ Psychological and emotional manipulation

    ~ Non-participation in efforts to better the world and labeling such efforts as a show of lack of faith in God's kingdom.

    ~ Selfishness in times of disaster - offering practical assistance almost exclusively to other JWs.

    ~ Demon paranoia

    ~ Distortion of language - redefining words to suit doctrinal agenda.

    ~ Love of being right and love of the thought of being in the only true religion takes precedence over love of actual truth.


    disposable hero, you said it all with this.

    I can only speak from my own standpoint.
    I haven't suffered at the hands of the bOrg (except for my lack of education),

    Lack of education is the biggest violence against a person that can be.

    In America, African and island slaves were kept ignorant to control them. Once they became educated, their lives [and everyone else s'] become much better. Critical thinking helps people for life. All people.

    just saying

  • Vidiot

    TTWSYF - "What ARE the fruits that the JW tree produces?"


  • Half banana
    Half banana
    I reckon their actual fruits include delusion, the stamping on the human spirit, the suppression of self expression linked to the slave mentality required to be a JW and the inward looking indoctrination coupled with exclusion of education.

    My brother says ''we're the only ones going door to door restoring God's name"

    I explained that going door to door is a work and not a fruit. It is a poor work at best as how many people has he converted? What are the fruits? TO which he has no answer

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