1992 Yearbook Pic

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  • RR

    Picture above: Lion cloth of the nephilim found in africa


  • minimus

    In his younger days, Brother Samuel Herd always knew that hard work would get him on the Governing Body.

  • pr_capone

    Truly, brothers, this is a blessing from Jehovah. The small village in Aftrica who was near starvation due to a drought has been blessed with giant lettuce leaves, enough to feed everyone! This truly shows that Jehovah takes care of those who put his ministry first in their lives.

  • Kenneson

    It's an elephant's ear--I mean the plant.

  • Stephanus

    You guys crack me up!

    TR, here is an actual pic from the same yearbook of some natives going into a swamp to get wood to build a Dub assembly hall - don't you think this is a fine use of scarce third world resources?

  • Scully

    Nekkid brother in front says: OWWWWWWWW I GOT A SPLINTER IN MY WOODIE!!

  • OrbitingTheSun

    The boy smiled innocently as he approached the unsuspecting proselytizers with his newly contrived JW Swatter...Flies dont phase these guys, but JWs are simply not tolerated.

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  • Goshawk

    Very nice creaton story Mr. Missionary.

    In the beginning first man wore one of these. He hunted large animals and had many many wives....

  • Curious Mind
    Curious Mind

    This is for the tribe's big knob.

  • SYN

    Now that he had a sail, all Nkosi needed to go windsurfing was a plank.

    When the visiting GB member asked for some toilet paper, Nkosi came back with only the best.

    The Elderette was not amused when he saw what Nkosi came back with after asking him to find a dishcloth for her.

    Lacking height, little Nkosi needed something to get the attention of the conductor during the Watchtower Study.

    Jehovah never mentioned the fact that all humans would become 2 centimeters tall after Armageddon in the Watchtower.

    Little Nkosi was having real difficulty eating his salad. He was on a diet, but it wasn't like it was helping

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