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  • stephenw20

    The lovely folks over at the OBSERVER

    have posted the WTBTS Charitable Planning brochure on their site.
    wonder where they got it.. *EG* .anyway
    please have a look....

    and while looking just repeat ......."the system is going to end soon"

  • Yerusalyim

    Remember, the society NEVER "unscripturally" proffers donations.


    There is more of heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosphy, Horatio.

    Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities

  • Big Jim
    Big Jim

    I think it is a shame that they jump through so many hoops to try and get donations etc. but are very guilty of not following Christ eample of taking care of widows and orphans, (unless of course they are JW'S in good standing in the congregation)
    They do nothing to help feed and house the homeless. They do nothing to help battered women. (unless of course they are JW'S in good standing)
    What ever happened to unconditional love of neighbor.

    It is sad to me that the WBTC has so many billions of dollers and will not help with any noteworthy causes.

  • freeATlast

    From page 13:
    We get advise on how to avoid paying "Caesar's things to Caesar". In their example, the government gets bilked out of 80% of the taxes due. Brooklyn got theirs though, so Jehovah must approve.
    (read the example, I'm too lazy to type it all in)

    TOTAL VALUE OF THE ADVISE TO THE FAMILY: 28-39% of the $400,000 savings or $100,000-150,000. (assuming it counts only as income and is not taxed at inheritance rates or then the savings soar!)

    From page 14:
    More advise on how to swindle Caesar out of his due. Small potatoes next to the last one. (only $1000 per year) But, you have to ask yourself: If Jesus were alive, would he do this? A man who said: "Pay Caesar's things to Caesar."

    From page 17:

    Stephan, aged 72, owns stock worth $265,000

    Wow, I wonder how many windows old Stevie had to wash to get a stash like that! In this example, Stevie swindles ol' Caesar out of 40% of the capital gains tax due, or about $20,000 for this example.

    Boy, I wonder how the Society feels about the repeal of the inheritance tax. It MUST be a tool of Satan, right up there with prohibition.

    Gee, I wonder how applicable this is to many of the window-washing masses who followed Brooklyn's advise to forgo college. I think the only reason they let the kids go to school now is they realized a kid with a degree can donate more.

    I doubt this will be offer of the month anytime soon! but, you never know...

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I never heard of this booklet before and since the links to the booklet are a bit hard to find I will add them here

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