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  • scumrat

    Since Dis-associating myself in 1998. I have been trying to move on with my life. It has been difficult because my family has nothing to do with me anymore since they dis-owned me. Over the years they have popped into my life whenever they felt like it, unannounced !!! This causes a lot of pain. The last time it happened, I had to write a letter to each one of my family members stating that at this time I no longer want any communication with them.

    Now here is my brother (who told me to my face that he wants nothing to do with me and says that I'm only his biological brother) sending me another damn letter !!!! I don't get it, doesn't he have a clue !!! Anyway I don't know what to do to get him off my back and out of my life. After all, he said he wanted nothing to do with me !!!!! Maybe he didn't receive my letter. I could send it certified mail. Should I consider a restraining order ??? I would appreciate any feedback.

    Thanks, scumrat

  • SheilaM


    Two of my siblings have been horrible too me all my life they arent dubs but what I did was tell them NEVER too call again or write or contact me and if they did I would get a restraing order. <they have serious issues>

    If you don't want someone in your life you have that power, build some boundaries for yourself and don't back down. People like that smile their way in to kick you in the teeth as they leave

  • nelly1

    you know what scumrat? sometimes it just pays to say exactly how you feel, and tell them why you dont want them to write to you anymore, if they continue just throw the mail in the trash, what more can you do??

    i feel for you i understand what its like, although i was disowned by my family for being JW but i dont give a rats ass if they do that to me for whatever reason they r not worthy of me as far as im concerned, take care of you, your family sound like alot of cases i have heard of they say they dont want to know you then they keep contacting you so they can twist the not fair.....


    love nelly

  • JH

    You told them that you don't want to see them, and then your brother tells you he doesn't want to see you.

    This sounds like an employee quitting before his boss fires him.

  • Ravyn

    put his letter in a big envelope--unopened--and invest a stamp and send it back to him with the word REFUSED written on his envelope in red marker. Put his own address on the big envelope as both the 'send to' and 'from'--so it only goes to him no matter what. For the price of a stamp you can reinforce your boundaries and limits.


  • JH
    put his letter in a big envelope--unopened--and invest a stamp and send i

    Who knows the answer to this trick question?

    How can you send a letter to someone without puting a stamp, and be sure it will get to destination?

    Anyone knows?

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  • JH

    The answer is simple: Put NO stamps on the envelope and,

    Put the address of the person you are sending it to---in the corner of the return address.

    Put the return address(Yours) in the center of the envelope as if you are sending it to yourself.

    This way the mailman will see that there is no stamp, so he will bring the letter back to the person who sent it.

    So the mailman will look in the corner of the envelope and look at the return address and bring it back there.

    So you have sent a letter to someone without putting a stamp.

    Try it!

  • Ravyn

    I did not say NOT to put a stamp on it! LOL I said invest a stamp---you know.....invest what 40 cents(I dont even know what stamps are individually- I just buy books)?

    How SHOULD I have said that?


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