To big to fail

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  • pepperheart

    Some people think the watchtower is to big to fail

    I dont because a lot of the branch offices around the world (about 70 i think) are in the third world they are not paying the full cost of running them and so the american branch is having to find the money,So if they got $1 billion dollars betwwen 70 branches that is only$ 25 million a year.per branch.If each branch has 500 people working there and they spend just $1 a day for food each person that works out at £35,000 just for the food alone

  • hoser

    Chrysler and gm were too big to fail. The government bailed them out.

    No one is going to bail out watchtower Corp

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Nothing is too big to fail; it is just that some entities are too important to be allowed to fail. The WTS is hardly in that category!

  • dubstepped

    I think there's a difference between failing financially and failing altogether. The corporation could disappear tomorrow and the indoctrinated masses could just go to the website without a building to go to and things would just go on. They go underground when persecuted, with no contact to the outside JW organization, and emerge later. They could blow all of their money, though that takes blunders of epic proportions and they're dumb enough to do it, but the message and doctrine doesn't need the corporate entity to keep on going.

  • Crazyguy

    The masses of JWs are so deluded they’ll support them forever , the only thing that’s could derail this is if the child abuse scandal gets even bigger, which may happen. As of now most JWs don’t even know there is a child abuse scandal.

  • blownaway

    Sears, Kmart ect. Takes time

  • Drearyweather

    It is difficult to compare the JW's with other corporations which have failed because people don't rely on the WT for their financial sustenance. In fact, it is the JW's who have kept the WT financially fed. With 8 million volunteers who spend all their own money for the WT, it is difficult to see it collapse the way other corporations have.

    If the WT was to fail financially, JW's will still cling on to it and adapt themselves to whatever is remaining. Or maybe they will consider it as the beginning of the great tribulation and may dig deeper in.

  • eyeuse2badub

    If wt fails, which it seems to be doing a good job of, I believe that non-third world jw's will abandon ship as the words of their fearless and disillusion leader old CT Russell rings in their ears.

    just saying!

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