Sisters and the great tribulation

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  • Robdar

    I remember thinking, "I'm bringing my dog, and they can't make me put her outside.

    LOL, Wolfgirl. I thought the same thing but included my 7 cats too. No way was anybody going to make me put my critters outside! Thanks for the memories.

    Hehe, a couple of weeks ago when they were predicting 7 to 10 inches of snow, I went to the store and yes I bought toilet paper along with various food items.

    Brummie, I love this thread. Thanks for posting.



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  • Brummie

    Well I for one am laughing my socks clean off at every post! We are sooo theocratically minded


    Can you imagine heading for the hills to hide with 7 cats, dogs, crates of beer, face cream, countless boxes of toilet rolls, nacho's, rifles, amo, and MP3s etc...this would make for the most interesting recorded apostofest.

    What a blast the GT would have been.


  • wednesday

    coffee, the good stuff, like almond mocha-guess it would have to be the instant kind b/c we might not have electricity.A lot of bottled water. toliet paper-lots. My make up bag.A nice body wash. a lot of diet coke.My synthroid, premarin, and klonipin., viocidin, and soma and some ibprofen.Cell phone, and battery food( i have 3 cats that i adore.)

    Who am i kidding-i'll never make it through.

    On the serious side, one thing i use to always hear when i was in my teens and early 20' and we thought the big "A" was coming , was how awful to lose our virginity during persucution .the young sisters did not care if the married sis were raped, after all they had already lost their virginity.

  • Goshawk


  • SYN

    Well the Elders informed us that we wouldn't even be able to hang onto our clothes through the Big A.

    Considering the ultra-moralistic stance of the Tower on nudity, this was quite a surprise.

    But, I wasn't brave enough at my young age back then to ask if we would be allowed to get through the Big A with a G-String or not, as they're small. Oh well.

  • Curious Mind
    Curious Mind

    Francois, there has to be something newer and better than a BAR does'nt there.

  • apple829

    1. A carton of KOOL Mild 100's

    2. A bottle of Jose Cuervo

    3. A case of Charmin.


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