I am so sick of the NEWS, are you?

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  • Swan

    They reported today about people trying to capitalize on the shuttle disaster by selling pieces of wreckage on ebay. Yeah, that's sick I know, but how is that any worse than the news reporters capitalizing on this tragedy? These are seven people who died doing what they believed in. Don't cheapen their deaths on ebay or on the news. Except to get the weather, I have quit watching the news for more than about 10 minutes for that very reason.


  • Francois

    Right on Tammy. I watch the weather and the "smart" channels, you know: The History Channel, the Biography Channel, The Learning Channel, stuff like that. No other reason to turn the durn thing on.

    It was correctly said decades ago that television was a "vast wasteland." That was in the fifties. And it has done nothing since then but get worse. Especially the news.


  • Blueblades

    Hi Francois, I had to put my light colombo yogurt that the wife brought to me for a snack down as your tirade had us in stitches laughing so long and loud. While the news story was truly sad, some of those reporting it have a lot to learn as you so ELOQUENTLY put it. Blueblades

  • acsot
    before journalists made 7-figure incomes

    Franois: Please let me know where they are making 7-figure incomes - I'm taking journalism classes now at night, so would like to be in the 7-figure income bracket before I hit retirement age, which may come before I graduate from university (thank you WTS). One journalist brought in to talk to one of our classes is able to make ends meet, as a free-lance journalist, of which fact even the prof seemed to be in awe, since it's such a hand-to-mouth existence for most. Even those employed by the city's major newspapers usually moonlight with other stuff, teaching, lectures, books, whatever.

    So, where do I apply for these lush jobs when I graduate (if I'm not in a wheelchair and unable to remember my name let alone what paper I'm supposed to be writing for) in the not so near future.

  • Gopher

    A main driving force behind the 24-hour-a-day coverage of tragic news events is the explosion of 24-hour news channels such as CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC and the like. They have to have SOMETHING to fill all that time! So they will look at the page 1 news and dissect it from every angle, and talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry who may or may not have something insightful to add to the news coverage.

    People want news coverage the minute they click on their TV sets. And that's why we get 24-hour coverage, including exploitation of horribly tragic events.

  • Satanus


    *clap clap clap*


  • heathen

    All I can say is this is a free country in some regard and that being the right to change the channel. OHhhhhhh man I can't wait for the troops to get active in Iraq again ,. The news loves stuff like this because of ratings . Tragedy sells and they know it .

  • Satanus


    this is a free country in some regard and that being the right to change the channel

    How does the thought of turning it right off make you feel? Could you stand a week without it? Can you take the pain?


  • heathen

    SS- The thought of turning it off crosses my mind everytime I turn it on. I remember a time when I would sit through time and again the tragic events of the day . I practically planned all my tv time around the gulf war .I feel as if I were in baghdad . I think part of the problem is it desensitizes people to the actual horrors that are taking place. The people in the US want to blame violent crime on video games or the entertainment industry when in reality they support violent acts all over the world .

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