This I like...Microwave weapons

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  • Xander

    What's so great about these?

    It kills electronics without killing people. Easy way to 'bomb somebody back to the stone age' without actually hurting anyone (well, obviously, loss of electronics sucks, but for a near third-world country like Iraq, this kind of thing could be VERY useful).

    Instead of having to use TacNukes to get at deeply buried bunkers, just set one of these off over it. It will overload the powerlines and fry all the electronics in the bunker. Sure, they're still hundreds of feet underground, and sure they're still alive. But they ain't going anywhere, and they ain't doin NOTHING down there.

  • greven

    Nothing new really, EMP weapons have been around for sometime.

    Detonating a nuke high in the atmosphere also generates an EMP. although interesting for third world countries this technology is far to expensive and high-tech. remember they use cheap weapons like the AK-47 and other old Russian and easterblock technology.


  • Marcos

    Ah yes,

    old Russian and easterblock technology

    The old "Easterblock" technology. Just can't wait til April!

  • Xander

    True, EMP weapons have been around for a while, and the principle is similar here. But, the big difference is that this weapon does not seem to be a nuke, so none of the strong negative reaction to setting nukes off in the atmosphere (and none of the radiation). It works like an EMP, only smaller.

    Also, sure 3rd world countries use Ak-47s and the like, an Ak-47 won't hurt a tank just rolling past them. Enemy tanks would be toasted by it, even the enemies radios would be no good. Needless to say, enemy missile systems and radars are all done in.

  • D8TA

    Swanson Hungry Man dinners, and killing people.

    What more could you want?!

  • cruzanheart

    When I saw the title of the thread I thought about the fire our office housekeeper started by nuking the popcorn a wee bit too long. I suppose we could drive out the enemy with the smoke and nasty smell of burned popcorn, if we wanted to.


  • Crazy151drinker

    Alot of American Military Equipment is EMP sheilded. EMP are relativily easy to make. The had an article in Popular Science showing how they worked. Would be a really good weapon to set off in L.A. or N.Y. (if your a terrorist....)

    Also, Vacume tubes are immune to EMP.............

  • Xander

    As noted, this isn't really EMP. The microwaves it generates create a pulse of extreme voltage along power lines and electronic equipment. Not quite the same thing as EMP. A microwave pulse weapon WILL toast a vaccum tube quite nicely.

    As a simple test - put something in a microwave oven (not a microwave you want to keep) and let it cook for a few minutes. If it still works, it would probably be immune to this weapon.

    Uhhhh....nothing eletronic is going to meet that criteria.

  • Crazy151drinker

    My bad, I was told a while back that Vacume tubes were immune to EMP and thats why the Soviets used them...........

  • VeniceIT

    well at least they can still keep clean doh!


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