If the Society changed the rules about .....

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  • roybatty

    speaking with those who are Df'd or Da'd would you, could you, begin associating with your JW family and friends? Not that I believe they will, but I was thinking "what if" they did. I wonder if one's JW family realizes how much damage is done to a relationship when they choose their "religion" over their family? Would you again associate with you family? I guess each circumstance is differnt but I'm not certain that I could. I've seen so many people Df'd over the years and in many cases the JW famly members "skirt" the rules and still associate with their Df'd family member. However, in other cases (as in mine) JW family members go even beyond what the Society has written. One almost begins to wonder if being Df'd just brought out the true colors of certain people.

    In any case, could you picture yourself picking up where you left off with your JW family & friends? Were they just "following orders"?

  • whyhideit

    If anything, they are reminding people to stay apart. I believe they had a reminder article in the August 2002 KM, mentioning the need to stay away from those that are DF'ed or DA'ed. In December the elders even started visiting the inactive to see if they could DA'ed them, as well. Obviously, because this is a gray area many apostates are taking advantage of to get Witness relatives the real truth.

  • JT

    this has already been done to some extent- when i was growing up an unbaptized person could be handled by the congregation and the result was the person was treated like a DFed person

    my sister never got baptized , yet when she got pregnant she was hauled in to a JC and was read off and treated like a DF person for years until the wt redefined AN APPROVED ASSOCIATE- smile

    and the new rule was we merely treat them like a worldly person and you could carry on a regular conversation , but of course with a cautioous flag-

    and when this happened i recall so many jw who had kids that they had disowned called up their unbaptized kids to tell them that they could NOW-- talk to them and viist with them

    the jw are are ways waiting for the wt to lift the ball and chain that they carry- case in point

    the KM was changed to the Kingdom Service- you may want to go and loook up the issue on SACRED SERVICE

    the jw loved it when the wt told them that part of their SS to god was taking care of their families and and homes and yards

    well the feild service dropped and in a few years SS was redefined and the Kingdom Servcie was dropped and the Kingdom Ministry was reinstated for the service meeting-

    and yes if wt dropped shunning they would repond the same way as they always do when new light comes forth-

    no one will say THAT WAS A HARSH RULE THAT SHUNNING STUFF instead they will say Jah saw that was what we NEEDED AT THE TIME

    JW WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO THINK OWN THIER OWN- if you continued to take in posion in your meals, when would you expect to feel better, never

    it is only when you stop eating the posion food and then start eating healthy food will you get better

    same with jw as long as thier foot cross the sill of the Hall they will continue to get their hit of Crack- smile

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  • minimus

    "Oh, what a loving arrangement Jehovah has given us in his mercy". That's the comment we heard when the Society changed how to deal with those that were not baptized but sinned. I knew of a number of family members that were "Corinthianized" per 1Cor. 15:33, yet when the Society reversed this way of treating unbaptized ones, "loyal" Witnesses began to embrace these ones, like nothing ever happened to begin with. So, if the Society suddenly changed their rules, the loyal rank-and-file would simply marvel about how Jehovah is such a loving, wonderful God. And thw accompanying Watchtower would Scripturally show why we"ve always understood it to be so.

  • JT
    yet when the Society reversed this way of treating unbaptized ones, "loyal" Witnesses began to embrace these ones, like nothing ever happened to begin with.

    it was like watching the prodigal son

  • FiveShadows

    expect a mass exodus to occur from that religion ~FS

  • Elsewhere

    I would tell them to F*** OFF and remind them of how they told me they were following gawd's commandment from the bible, not the intrustions of an organization.

  • roybatty
    If anything, they are reminding people to stay apart.

    I wasn't so much interested in knowing if the Society will change the rules (BTW, I don't think they will) but rather wondering if you would again associate with JW family members and friends IF the Society did.

    I'm kind of thinking that I wouldn't.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    only if I really wanted to hear my mother tell me how fat, stupid, in need of therapy, unforgiving I am and if I wanted to go back to being her care-taker


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  • kelpie

    I will never stop talking to my family.. they are the ones that stop talking to me...

    you would have to ask them that question.

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