It's Groundhog Day Everyone!

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  • Shakita

    Important news just in........

    Phil Says Six More Weeks of Winter!

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    On Gobbler's Knob, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania at 7:27 a.m. this Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2003, Punxsutawney Phil, King of Groundhogs, Seer of Seers, imitated but never equaled, responded to the summons of Groundhog President Bill Cooper. Bill Deeley, his friend and Handler greeted him affectionately and placed him atop his domicile, the old oak stump. From this lofty seat he addressed the large enthusiastic throng of faithful followers, wishing them a "Happy Groundhog Day." Phil may be as cute as a Beanie Baby but when he predicts in his Groundhogese there is no maybe. He directed president Bill to the appropriate scroll which reads:

    Governor Rendell joins this joyful throng
    of several thousand strong
    and he like everyone will thrill
    at seeing the magic on this hill
    as I make my prognostication
    and give my justification:
    I see my shadow beside me
    and that is that magic you see.
    It causes this midwinter revelry,
    six more weeks of winter there will be.

    Taken from later in the day they will have actual pictures up of Phil seeing his shadow.......can't wait..

    Mrs. Shakita

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  • Scarlet

    HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SheilaM

    Happy Groundhogs Day!!!!!!!!!

  • JH

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  • Moxy

    yes, i could never understand the WT's hardline stance on celebrating Groundhog day, citing numerous so-called 'pagan' origins and supposed orgiastic fertility rites in honour of the ancient Sumerian groundhog god Uilli. im so glad to be free to celebrate it now.


  • Shakita

    very cute, JH......shovel is standing at the ready. We have had more snow in our neck of the woods than we have had in years!

    Mrs. Shakita(who is dreaming of spring)

  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    Happy ground hog's day

    WorshipWorshipWorshipWorshipWorshipWorship (bow down)



    Hmmm. . . I wondered why I woke up this morning and that song was playing on my radio . . .

    That 'splains it....

    I'm in BIG trouble if tomorrow is a replay....


  • ashitaka

    Phil should be cooked in hot sauce every year if he predicts more winter...that would, I think, lead future groundhogs to a more acceptable outcome.

  • Swan

    ashitaka wrote:

    Phil should be cooked in hot sauce every year if he predicts more winter...that would, I think, lead future groundhogs to a more acceptable

    I am still having some trouble getting used to some of these "worldly" holidays. My turkey is great on Thanksgiving, and my Christmas ham is wonderful, but I still haven't gotten the hang of roasting groundhog yet. Every year my groundhog comes out of the oven tasting blah. I never thought of using hot sauce. I will have to try that next Groundhog Day.


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