Is JR Brown a liar?

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    As on an earlier post, an interview with JR Brown:

    When JR was asked, Is yours the only path to salvation? He replied, " Well when you put it that way your trying to say that unless you do exactly what Jehovah's Witness do that you won't get life. The answer is NO because God is the judge as to who gets life."

    Well either JR is a liar or the WT has not told their representives. The District Overseer here said the other day that the JW's were the only way to truth. Everyone else, 99.99% of the world population is liars!! Hmm I wonder who is telling the truth here???


  • Europe

    You dont have to wonder Will, we all know who are the liars!!

  • JT

    JR Brown's comments reflect the new face of the organization, in times past old timers at bethel would have answered that question with a resounding:

    "HELL YEA WE BE THE ONLY ONE TO MAKE IT" but in the last few years the influence of the Legal Dept can clearly be seen in all comments and published material from the society-

    the answer is truly and excellent answer to the question , esp if the goal is not to ruffle feathers of non-jw - his answer would not be threatening to any hearer, for most religion of the christian faith hold this positions, rarely would you find a main stream religion saying

    if you aint a baptist you will not make it, instead most belief system unlike in the days when they were founded many times have soften thier positions on salvation

    about the only ones left of the christian format are Born Again persons- they usuall will tell you hell is a waiting if you don't get born again,

    but you avg methodist, baptist, luthern, etc will rarely call down fire and brimstone on those who don't share their belief system- so we see wt doing pretty much the same thing- watching a religion grow and develope is amazing- i look back at my own life exp, when i was a kid, voting, alternative service, playing sports in school, my mom going shopping for christmas stuff for my non-jw dad were NO NO,

    YET WT has shifted it's position for survial- now while i agree the avg jw still believes that only he will be saved- the position of JR Brown would have been unthinkable when rutherford and the boys used to picket in front of churches on sunday morning-

    will the avg jw one day feel like a run of the mill baptist that all roads lead to salvation, i don;t know-

    but today the avg jw in my view doesn't have the BACKBONE that i saw growing up- we would walk on to our jobs and annouce: "I"M a Damn JW and don't F*CK with me"

    but today many jw will not even ID themselves as such- case in point we have a new Network Engineer on our site and he is a JW i saw his bloodcard in his wallent one day last week when we all went out for lunch and he has not witnessed to us-

    he kinda played off the christmas party by PRETENDING THAT THERE WERE SOME SERVER ISSUES and since he was the new man he would stay behind to monitor it- I KNEW HE LIED-

    EACH MONTH we have birthday cake and last month he tried to say He can't eat chocolate - YEA RIGHT he was suppose to be telling everyone about getting their head cut off

    i have not busted him yet and he has no idea that the fellow network team HATES JW smile-

    well time will tell

  • Skeptic
    When JR was asked, Is yours the only path to salvation? He replied, " Well when you put it that way your trying to say that unless you do exactly what Jehovah's Witness do that you won't get life. The answer is NO because God is the judge as to who gets life."

    Judging by the above quote, JR pulled an old trick. He didn't answer the question asked, he answered a question that he wanted answered.

    I once worked for a dishonest employer who used that trick. He would not answer tough questions. Instead, he rephrased the questions to a similar sounding but different question and answered that one. Then he could give the answer that he wanted to give, and you had the illusion that he answered your question. And he was legally off the hook for lying.


  • TD

    I have several of Brown's interviews on tape. He is a pathological liar completely devoid of conscience.

  • D8TA
    " Well when you put it that way your trying to say that unless you do exactly what Jehovah's Witness do that you won't get life. The answer is NO because God is the judge as to who gets life."

    Re-read the crafty statement again people. The man is not lying per se. Remember, we are looking thru the looking glass. Up is down, black is white. Forward and back. Forward and back....oh wait....sorry.

    What was the question?

    Is yours the only path to salvation?

    Now, see the magician use his magic hat:

    He begins with "Well when you put it that way...." and continues with "YOU are TRYING to say....".

    The question was geared more to: Unless you ARE a Jehovah Witness will you be saved?

    In which the crafty JW PR man chose his words carefully by saying, "Unless you DO EXACTLY what JW's do". He did NOT say, "unless you are, or a part of" or the like.

    A better question to be asked is: Unless you are a part of, or are a Jehovah Witness will you be saved? It's part of the "theocratic warfare" tactics. These are the masters of misdirection, remember? That's what the answer to the above question was...a misdirection.

    So, in essence, did he really "lie"?

  • MacHislopp

    Hello WilliamPennwell,

    thanks for the information.

    As you have noticed the vast majority in this board, at lest knows

    the answer to the Question : Is JR Brown a liar ?

    Yes, yes, yes he is also one of the biggest public liar.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • Mum

    Is JR Brown a liar?

    Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear s**t in the woods? Does a monkey swing by its tail? etc. etc.

    Anyway, the WTS has a doctrine of "justified lying," n'est-ce pas? If one is put into a position of having to uphold the image of the GB/WTS/other WT-related entity, lying is sanctioned, even considered laudable.

    Maybe ole JR will get lucky and the org will lift its ban on participating in "worldly" politics. The man is a born politician. He could start his own party, the ScrewTheChildren party; after all, the helpless little critters can't vote anyway.

  • Grunt

    Hey, JR. is just following the directions of the Slave! They told him that most people weren't ENTITLED to the truth. So he lies, as programmed.

    Remember this quote?

    Insight book, vol. 2, page 244: "While malicious lying is definitely condemned in the Bible, this does not mean that a person is under obligation to divulge truthful information to people who are not entitled to it. Jesus Christ counseled: "Do not give what is holy to dogs, neither throw your pearls before swine, that they may never trample them under their feet and turn around and rip you open." (Mt 7:6)"

    Heck the Bible isn't even written to anybody on earth but Juniors little gods. Remember this one?

    "Also, it is to the spirit-anointed Christians who will rule in that kingdom that most of the Christian Greek Scriptures is directed, including the promises of everlasting life." The Watchtower June 15, 1974 page 376 Serve with Eternity in View

    They don't even have Christ as their mediator, I think old Freddie Franz used to put it something like, "The New Covenant isn't for just any Tom, Dick or HARRY! It's not some loose arrangement ANYBODY can be in!" Backed up by the cult's own little GREEN BIBLE rendering of 1 Tim.2:5,6

    w79 11/15 Benefiting from "One Mediator Between God and Man" p. 2620 What, then, is Christs role in this program of salvation? Paul proceeds to say: "There is one God, and one mediator between God and men [not, all men], a man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all."1 Tim. 2:5, 6.

    So, why should they bother to tell anyone but themselves the truth??? Really only need to tell a few of THEM the truth, Junior not included. Ha, so funny it almost makes you forget how sad it is that people we love still buy this crap.


  • orangefatcat

    Its his turn to be S A C R F I C E D.

    on the 5th Estate he looked like he'd been dragged through the mill.

    he was sitting so rigid in the chair I thought he was going to claw the arms


    Love Orangefatcat.

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