anyone in Tucson?

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  • gda

    I grew up in AZ, moved to Calif and came back in 2000 and just wondering if there's any one out this way.

  • Wantingout520
    Long time lurker. Just registered to respond. I'm in Tucson. Physically in unfortunately. Very very much out mentally. PM me if you want :)
  • Dagney

    My family is in Tucson, moved there from California. They have gone to a few meetups in Phoenix, there is a good group there.

    A few years ago I posted about visiting Tucson and a few contacted me and we had a great meetup. Several drove from Phoenix to attend. I know for certain 1 person is no longer living there. I'm not sure about the other.

    I suggest to keep on bumping this thread in the hopes more will see it. If you can, Wantingout, try to meet up with others. It can really help keep your sanity. I visit my family from time to time in Tucson so I'll keep this in mind. (Great air fares now BTW.)

  • onceuponatime

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