"Wanted Jehovah Witness Publications Before 1940" Want Ads, I wonder why?

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  • The UFO Cult
    The UFO Cult

    You all might find this Craig's list Ad interesting, I have publications "Studies in the Scriptures" plus others, how can I valuate my inheritance Grandma left me? Grandma was poor, she was third-generation witness who spoke boldly without fear of men. What do you think they want these books for, I have lots of books dated Pre-1950s,, if I was to part with my treasure how much do I charge?


  • Stumpy

    Look up similar items on eBay and that will give you a bit of an idea.

    I think they want them for research and to have the originals handy to show to loved ones what they say one day.

    I also think it's important to have collections because I'm certain one day there will be an announcement telling all congs to destroy their libraries and just install a computer linked up to the online library.

    By the way if you (or anyone else for that matter) have an original copy of the 1920's brochure "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" I am looking for one to finish off my collection. I will pay a good price.

  • LV101

    Do some research re/their value. Seems like many yrs. ago on the H20 site it was mentioned a collection of all the old books was worth quite a lot - thousands. I was shocked at the time. I'm sure so many of their books have been destroyed by Watchtower.

  • joe134cd
    I've seen some of those older publications going for big bucks. Especially if there is a story behind them e.g studies in the scriptures. Millions now living will never die etc.
  • jhine

    Just a thought , but would elders , COs etc be after them to get them out of circulation . ?

    It would be a shame for them to get into the wrong hands and be destroyed .


  • OneStepOut93
    Jhine said exactly what I was thinking
  • tiki
    They never were meant for profit....in those days they took the receive free give free thing seriously. They do contain some really funky info/ideas though....and some qualify as antique literature....whatever....
  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    I bet the WT places ads for older pubs every so often so they can get as much of these off the streets as possible.
  • tiki
    Wow Caleb airplane.....now that is one cynical observation!! Could be....could be....
  • Calebs Airplane

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