Update on Royal Commission - "Child sex abuse inquiry hears 4000th testimony"

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  • umbertoecho

    Mine is tomorrow. There's one more for the record. Have a game of snooker and bet on me...Orphan.....cow.....ha! I loved the thought of you being an orphan cow......

    Juliette xx

  • Ruby456

    username is right. Our gov is very embarrassed about abuse perpetrated from within government particularly as we have already emphasized a child centred approach in the recent past (check out the Munro report).

    This new UK inquiry has to quell public outcry against MPs and the silencing of victims from within gov itself. Watch how disquiet will be hidden within general outrage against other institutions. The AUC will also help to camouflage this aspect. But I think vicitms here are very savvy now and they will refuse to let guilty MPs hide among others. A lot will still be hidden though for another time.

    Umbertoecho - good and bad nestle together - else how would you explain how MPs who have abused others turn out to be very gifted and caring individuals - so gifted that the UK gov has deemed them worthy of saving from public embarrassment and kept them in public office?

    edit: I guess an answer could be that the UK gov needs to trust that there are more thane nough gifted people who will never abuse others. Umbertoecho is this what you mean when you say that you have complete faith in the basic good of mankind?

  • TheWonderofYou
    Good lucky at the testimonials!
  • Zoos
    THE Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse held its 4000th private hearing...

    Where do these people find the strength?

    I remember when I was trying to decide which venue I wanted to get into for volunteer work, the idea of working at the local Shriners Hospital for Children was suggested. I rolled the idea around for awhile and then backed out because I didn't think I would be able to handle it emotionally.

    These people who are capable of placing themselves in the middle of a storm like this possess a strength I will never have.

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