Let me get this straight I can greet a stranger who may be ax murderer

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  • poopie

    Bit I can't greet or say hello to a poor soul at the kh that's df please help me with this.

  • blondie

    The WTS says that under the Law, their were capital crimes that people were put to death for. They say that it is for similar crimes that jws are df'd for. So as the Jews could not talk to executed people, dead, df'd people are as good as dead, can't talk to dead people.

  • sparrowdown

    That's right, you got it. If you are a baptized witness you can greet and talk to anyone on earth including axe murderers and pedophiles but you cannot talk to disfellowshipped JWs.

  • karter

    In my old congro there is an elder who is a child rapest. ..apparently he's worthy of double honer while anyone d.fed is as good as dead. Go figure

  • Listener

    Correct, once that newly interested person walks into a Kingdom Hall they require love bombing. The dfd person is a life threatening danger.

  • poopie

    The problem with that reasoning Blondie is if you use this idea of the mosaic law parallel it's not exact ie a thief under the law or a fornication did not Merriit death penalty whereas under Christian arrangmrnt you are df for both sins.

  • poopie

    So basically 4 sins death penalty encouraging others to worship false gods adultery bearing false witness rebelling against your parents.

  • scratchme1010

    Bit I can't greet or say hello to a poor soul at the kh that's df please help me with this.

    There's nothing to help you on, other than send the WT to hell and do what you feel it's morally right.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    You must remember that the org's teachings on "God's" laws state that they are zip/postcode applicable.

    If the d/f'd person lives at your address, "God's" shunning law doesn't apply to you. If the person moves out into a house across the street, then you must treat them as "dead."

    Two tier laws to match their two-tier Christians.

  • sir82

    Congratulations, you understand the concept! Consider yourself "spiritually mature".

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