At least all that field service training

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  • Sadie5

    paid off. I was a witness for 16 years and all that going door to door, keeping good records is coming in handy for me. I've been selling ads to businesses all week. I mark out the territory I'm going to work, introduce myself, show my newspaper, present my offering of different size ads. Write down who I talk with, find out who is the owner or decision maker if not there. Set up a time to meet with that person. don't take it personal if I'm turned down. Realize I've got to visit a lot of places to get one yes. I sold 8 ads this week, most will run for 4 weeks and some said not this week, come back next week because they want to be in our Valentine's issue. So, I'm feeling fairly hopeful. Manager of the grocery store keeps telling me to come back in 2 days to talk to him about the checker job. he has told me that 3 times. I don't think I'll get the job, but it's ok, he did place an ad with me. And if I keep selling ads I won't have to work for someone else. I like the freedom of setting my own hours and being able to drive around.

    Hubby's business has picked up too since we started running it from home. We've had several people come out to drop off work and he's out on a service call now.

    The economy is still bad here, the local bank opened an account for people to contribute money to the school so it won't have to close. I felt so bad for one of our fellow business owners. He converted his business place so he could live in the back and run his business in the front, his business is so slow he has lost his telephone and is trying to work with the bank so they don't foreclose on his building.

    Got cold chills when I heard about the shuttle this morning, it is so sad. They said there are only three space things left and no one makes any more, so don't know if the goverment will continue with space program.

    Hope there are better times ahead for all.


  • Joyzabel

    ((((((Sadie))))) it was good hearing from you.

    I still get catalogues of bookbags and stuff for "service", want me to forward them to you????

    Sounds like you are doing good! Keep up the good work.

    BTW, I didn't know there were on 3 shuttles left. One radio station was talking about the 3 astronauts left on the space station and how they will get down if they don't let a shuttle go back up. The reason for 3 people left up there is that the escape capsule only seats three.



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