And China's version of the Nobel prize goes to ... Robert Mugabe! WTF?!

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Are you European? - yes, from the UK.

    his sexual prowess has nothing to do with his leadership role - correct but politicians are rightly held to high standards. Refraining from screwing anything in a skirt is surely expected of the prez.

    China is kissing their ass so they can buy up all the resources and land - if correct, then this would explain it.

  • freddo
    I suppose with Hitler and Stalin being dead and all it was Mugabe's turn ...
  • Saintbertholdt

    Oh hahahahahahahahahaha... my sides.

    I guess his nomination could not have anything to do with the $1 Billion thermal power contract Bob signed with China:

    or the $1.9 Billion contract signed with China for housing construction:


  • fulltimestudent

    This is a half truth. Yes, that award was made to Mugabe, but not by the Chinese government.

    This is what the Diplomat magazine ( a western publication) had to say about it:

    The Confucius Peace Prize was set up in 2010, after Liu received his Nobel Peace Prize. It was established by a private association of Chinese citizens based in Hong Kong, known as the Association of Chinese Indigenous Arts in the People’s Republic of China. Liu Zhiqin, a prominent businessman who originated the proposal to set up a uniquely Chinese prize, said at the time: “We should not compete, we should not confront the Nobel Prize, but we should try to set up another standard.”
    Part of the misunderstanding that the Confucius Peace Prize was endowed and supported by the Chinese government had to do with the Hong Kong group’s assertions that it was working with the Chinese Ministry of Culture (which the ministry has since vehemently denied). Additionally, China’s soft-power spreading Confucius Institutes had been founded in the mid-2000s and were still spreading globally, suggesting to some that the Confucius Peace Prize was a similar push for Chinese values and soft-power.
    Since its inception, the Confucius Peace Prize has been awarded roughly around the same time as the Nobel Peace Prize. Before Mugabe, Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary-General, agricultural scientist Yuan Longping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and Fidel Castro of Cuba have been recipients. Additionally, former KMT secretary-general Lien Chan of Taiwan won the inaugural edition of the prize, a development the Taiwanese government found “amusing.”
    Differences in values certainly exist between China and the West, but it’s important to understand that the government of the People’s Republic of China hasn’t quite responded to perceived Western affronts with the sort of pettiness that the Confucian Peace Prize represents. So remember, while it is outrageous that Robert Mugabe would win anything called a “Peace Prize,” it’s been given to him by a private group of Chinese citizens based in Hong Kong with no affiliation with the Chinese government.

    So if the Diplomat report is correct, the award is made by a private group of Chinese citizens in Hongkong,.and NOT by the Chinese government in Beijing.

    Its certainly true that the Chinese government maintains a relationship with Zimbabwe. The Chinese government refuses to be judgmental and play the sort of games that the US government plays, applying sanctions and excluding nations that they perceive as "enemy." For example, Iraq was demonised, but Saudi Arabia, which some may judge as worse than Iraq ever was, is allowed to be paart of the USA's club.


  • mana11

    Simple it comes down to money!, Mugabe loves being in the lime light as some sort of Self proclaimed African hero.

    I doubt any will cry when he dies.

    Real reasons for giving a fake award. . . .

    Zimbabwe signs 700m deal with Chinese investors for alluvial diamond mining $650,773,408.97 to Zimbabwe in 2010

    Mugabe's darkest secret: An £800bn blood diamond mine ...

    PLATINUM-MINING-ZIMBABWE ... Zimbabwe also entered several mega-deals with China with Harare and Beijing

    and the latest...


    anything to butter up a tyrant and make him feel self important.

  • mana11

    So if the Diplomat report is correct, the award is made by a private group of Chinese citizens in Hongkong,.and NOT by the Chinese government in Beijing.

    lol,,, there is ALWAYS a connection to party and business. LOL.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Actigall Ur
    Oh, Mandela was fully aware that his country would have been set ablaze if he did not play both sides. I admit, it was well played. But he still showed his true colors throughout his political career.

    Oliver Tambo was the one who set policy for the ANC, was responsible for organizing the respective guerrilla groups of Umkhonto we Sizwe (the armed wing of the ANC) and authorizedall "military" oprations carried out by them before Nelson Mandela was made president of the ANC in 1994, by which time all aggression between Umkhonto we Sizwe and the South African Defense force had ceased. Blaming Mandela for policies of agression against whites when he had had no say in the conduct of the guerilla warfare waged is ridiculous.

    While Mandela was still in prison on Robin Island, FW de Klerk was already conducting negotiations with him knowing full well that the ANC would win the inevitable free elections. It was also well accepted that Mandela would become president of the ANC and therefore the country's first black leader. In the many communiques between Mandela and de Klerk, it was clear de Klerk knew Mandela (who had become a moderate in his latter years of incarceration) was South Africa's only hope in preventing complete Africanization, the adoption of communism and wholesale reprisals against whites and enemies of the ANC (IFP is a good example) Mandela warned de Klerk that, although he could promise to do everything in his power to bring peace and stability to South Africa, he could not guarantee controling those elements within the ANC who were die-hard Africanists, determined to continue reprisals and even try to force whites from out of the country which proved to be true.

    Saying Nelson Mandela had no choice but to reconcile relations between black and white is spitefully denying him of the credit he rightfully deserves for preventing large scale bloodshed and bringing peace to the country. In order for Mandela to bring peace he had to face tough adversaries like Thabo Mbeki who was certain that Mandelas policy of reconcilliation would not have the full support of the black population and therefore cause the ANC to lose credibility amongst its supporters. There were also those non-ANC hardliners from the SACP, AZAPO and the PAC who vehemently opposed Mandela, causing the very real threat of a splintered black political front which may well have culminated in an all out civil war. Then there was also the extremely delicate subject of approaching and dealing with the ANC's once mortal enemy, the Inkatha Freedom Party. After over a decade of animosity and bloodshed between the IFP and the ANC supported UDF, Mandela not only forgave the IFP's white puppet leader Buthelezi, but supported the IDF in its insistence to be the sole political representative of Zululand, allowing the Zululand "government" at Ulundi to remain while having to make few compromises.

    Mandela's dogged determination, keen political understanding and grasp of the white population's precarious position, the need for a democratic government still acknowledging the National Party (the ones responsible for apartheid and black suffering in the first place) as a legitimate party, with a right to seats in parliament speaks volumes about how wise and forgiving the man was. As you youself admitted, he did a good job, although I would go further and state that what he achieved was incredible - if I believed in miracles I would say it was almost miraculous. Particularly when one takes into account what Mandela inherited and the seemingly insurmountable odds he had to overcome when he was handed the reigns to a country which was in desperate need of a complete social, political, and psychological overhaul.

    Give credit where it's due. In my opinion he is the greatest politician and humanitarian of our time and only a biased, ignorant person would suggest he didn't deserve a Peace Prize. Count your lucky stars we got him instead of one of the other potential hardliners who could have made Mugabe seem tame.

  • OrphanCrow

    SecretSlaveClass, thanks for the perspective on an incredible political figure. It is interesting that Mandela's first wife was a Jehovah's Witness and, I believe, his children as well. I have read accounts that claim that he chose his political life over the religious life and other accounts that his wife joined after they split. Regardless, I think the world is a better place for the path that he did chose.

    About Mugabe - that erstwhile dictator whose tourism minister rubs shoulders with the Brooklyn boys - he gives due to not just himself for his astounding success, but he also gives credit to the great one above - Jehovah Gawd himself.,+Mugabe/news.aspx

    INCOMING African Union (AU) Chairman, President Robert Mugabe, has hailed the discovery of vast oil resources in the continent, which he said colonialists missed.

    In his acceptance speech, Mugabe sang the praises of Equatorial Guinea which is among countries that have discovered oil in recent years.

    “….and as fortune would have it, Equatorial Guinea has discovered oil. They are not the only ones who have had this recent fortune, oil as others have been discovering oil, oil, oil and oil, which the blind eyes of colonialists missed.

    “It was the handiwork of God (Jehovah God), we thank Him,” Mugabe said to the applause of delegates in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    I wonder if Mugabe will give Jehovah God the credit when he accepts the Confucius Peace Prize. It seems appropriate. Jehovah is the perfect god for a man like Mugabe.
  • _Morpheus

    "Something I heard the other day. How many good people have been assassinated are ended up in some sort of dead state? How many scum rise to the top?"

    last i checked they all end up dead.

  • truthseeker100

    We just had a Nobel prize winner here where I live. I know this guy personally and he's no Mugabe! He's just a Narcissistic asshole.

    The Chinese can do better.

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