Are You Furious?

by Shakita 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • shera

    Yes,I was furious.I'm not as angry any more but I'm still sickened by this faith that raises themselves up too high.

    I was shocked,angry,realllly pee'd off with the whole JW thing.All those yrs of anixety attacks...and what ifs,and to find out all that garbage,past and present crap!

    I still have problems because of being a JW....sighhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Shakita

    Czar, Brummie, Shera,

    I don't think that we will ever get completely over our rage at the WT Society. However, the WT is getting their comeuppance. They no longer can be anonymous. Everyone is learning of their sick, anal retentive policies and are running for the hills. The best way to hurt the WT is to keep exposing them for the whole world to see. Hopefully, fewer people will be misled by their lies. Do you remember a picture from Rutherford's books where there was a picture of a clergy member getting speared in the butt? That was the WT's way of claiming that the WT was exposing the lying clergy. Well, the WT is now getting speared in the butt. Methinks that the WT is howling in protest over this embarrassing treatment.


    You had a unique and interesting way of dealing with all those boring assembly talks. However, if I told my wife that I wanted to get involved in similar distractions, she would've kicked my butt.

    Mr. Shakita

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