JW Rapes child. Elders cover up. Judge comdemns.

by Simon 15 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • LDH

    Simon, do you have the link for this article by any chance?

  • Simon

    Sorry, I don't have a link to an article - it is a regional paper I think and not a national one with a big web-presence.

  • ozziepost

    So the guy's defense was that it only happened once!!!!

    And in mitigation, he had "put a lot of time and energy into his religious community"!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many would say that was just more abuse!

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  • Farkel

    Please don't puke over this, folks.. I did and it wasn't pleasant:

    : Defence lawyer, April Campbell, said Maxwell had suffered "huge personal loss" as a result of the case.

    The victimizer is now the victim. He suffered a "personal loss" over taking away innocence. Please feel sorry for him. Puke #1.

    : She said: "His life has been irrevocably shattered. His marriage has broken down, he has been rejected by his family, and he has been rejected by the congregation of the church of which he was a member for 30 or so years.

    Puke #2. Forget what he did to the victim: feel sorry for the victimizer that his family sent him to hell where he belongs.

    : "He has suffered severe psychological difficulties and depression and it is inconceivable that he should find himself in a position to re-offend."

    Puke #3. Bottom line? He got caught. We should feel sorry for him that he got caught and feels horrible about it. How would he have felt had he never got caught? His defence (sic) attorney never mentioned anything about that.

    : Miss Campbell added: "He feels a great and terrible shame and recognises the possibility of psychological harm to his victim."

    Puke #4. He recognizes the "possibility" of psychological harm to his VICTIM. Well, that's mighty generous of him.

    Of course, since he caused all the problems for his hapless victim in the first place and when caught, tried and sentenced, he finally recognized the "possibility" of psychological harm he caused to his VICTIM, he feels "shame," then that makes it all better now, doesn't it?

    Puke #5.


  • chasson

    Is there a transcript of this article somewhere ? I would like to translate it in french.



  • undercover

    OK so the defense lawyer is trying to make people feel sorry for the accused. Whether they're a JW or not, that's the lawyer's job. To get the guy off with the lightest sentance possible. What any child molester does is horrible and should be punished, but it's not the WTS or any local JW that is defending him in court. Now not reporting abuse and covering up offences in the congregation is another matter and the WTS and local elders are reprehensible for those actions.

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