Being a Jonah

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  • Pepper

    So many times during the frustrations associated with my brain injury I often asked in brief whispers what is the right religion and please what is truth. The feeling of being scared has been echoed in my mind untold times. I used to have a strong belief system and upbringing, now I am a mirrored image or reflection of the man I used to be before my brain injury I don't know what happened to my faith, I guess it just hopped on the wagon of self incrimination along with everything else that was happening around me. (Sign: Jonah) = Lewis

  • nightwarrior


    Mrs Nightwarrior here..... just before I go out for shopping, I thought I would read any new postings, and your posting has really struck a chord with me.......

    Mr Nightwarrior underwent major spinal surgery, close to his brain some 11 years ago..... but what happened to him seems to be the opposite to how you are feeling, in regard that he felt closer to Jehovah than ever before because he really had to put his trust in Him.... also he learnt to talk and not 'pray' Jehovah, I know that may sound silly ot some, but when you have been through such a traumatic situtation you can understand this... but I hope that you feel that here you can speak to people who will encourage you... the operation that my husband had, left him disabled.....but he also started to 'think' alot, and he started to question man ie. WTS.. alot more, and he realised that it was not man who got him through the bad days, but Jehovah, and the power of talking to Him on a daily, hourly basis.... his relationship changed completely, over the years he has changed so much, in that his reliance is totally on Jehovah, not man, because if we leave ourselves open to man, we are only disappointed.... I know for a fact that the WTS do not like this, and hence because Mr Nightwarrior doubted things over the ensuing years, eventually the WTS disassociated him, Mr NW did not write anything to them, but the WTS took it upon themselves, but this has made him even stronger, because it showed that the WTS did not care about his illness, or the way that he was feeling, but because he dare question certain matters....

    Butr Jonah, please take encouragement from this, it may sound garbled, but it is only 11am here in London, but if you wish to e-mail us please feel free.... we would love to hear from you.....

    Know that you are in our talks to Jehovah, and that He will keep you going...

    Agape Love


  • nightwarrior


    Now that you have seen yourself in a mirror image type formatt,having been through the life and death situation concerning your surgery,allthough you see yourself as the same person whom stood in front of the mirror,before the operation,you are questioning yourself covering everything which you were obliged to do automatcaly,even down to who is this person staring at me from the mirror,your faith or beleif has allso taken a sharp knock,you have come to realize that life has its limitations also you have realized that you are at a crossroads wherby you can now see and think for yourself,ive been serving god for all these years and now look at me,ive been punished by him,what have i been doing wrong ,i hate him does he exist,

    Sorry to say this but have you been serving man,instead of serving god,the creator has shown how we can serve him ,by showing love and participating in love to fellow men,not as the borg direct you to as they are just a magazine community selling magazines,how can you sell or pedal the word of god without any conscience ,

    i know through experience you have been left on your own to face the comeback from your operation,initialy you were supported ,then the visits became less frequent you may have lost what you considerd close friends whom just stopped calling ,you havenot lost your faith in god you gave man to much power within your life ,you lost faith in man and now you are questioning relationships with others,your question which is the right religion ,i know that the creator finds everyman acceptable to him whomsoever listens to his voice ,and this applys to all nations tribes and tongues,how you live your life and how you treat others especialy by showing love and empathy to everyman is a recomendation in showing which is the right road to follow its not a question of whom has the right religion as god is not religiouse,

    as my wife said if you want to email us ,all you need is one finger to start your journey if you are able ,i shall now call you salt not pepper as you appear to have been seasoned with manifested awakenings of thought you are no longer a robot ,yes you are now free to choose either way.

    mirror image are you salt or pepper

  • gumby

    "I often asked in brief whispers what is the right religion and please what is truth".

    Hi Pepper,

    Your not alone in your plea. I could not count how many times I have prayed these words and guess what?.............he won't show me! The more I look into the Bible being from God, the more I disbelieve it......although I DO NOT doubt God.

    I'll bet there are thousands of X-dubs out there who have asked God to lead them to truth. If the bible were from God and he really has a son he sent......then truth is in him......not RELIGION. Jesus never was supposed to have started a religion......only a way of life between you and him.


    BTW....I hope you get to feeling better.

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