Child Abuse issues in India

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  • MaxPayne

    Any JW's ex or PIMO ones aware of child abuse cases in India.

    If there would be seems like they would conceal it alot in India.

  • humbled

    How easy is it to hide? If a society looks the other way in general then it would be easy to hide.

    Indians has recent law to curb their 50% incidence of child sexual abuse but attitudes are slow to turn around. Info here says half the victims are boys.

    Must care about the least. Must care for the children.

  • Simon

    Abuse is bad enough in western countries where there are laws and agencies specifically aimed at tackling it. God knows what some of these other countries are like, there are some true horror stories.

  • blankspace

    I'm personally aware of cases in India that have been hidden. One was hidden for 15 years. When it came into the open, the circuit overseer who was the perpetrator was disfellowshipped. That's it.

    Another kid I know was accused of lying. Yet another was molested by her father's bible study conductor. And a person in authority told me that there are many cases that are coming out and some are especially gruesome.

    Another case was hidden for years although the family kept asking for help. One circuit overseer said that nothing could be done because there weren't two witnesses. He suggested reading of the magazines to improve her spirituality. Another circuit overseer was angry when he got to know of the abuse because it messed up his plans for the visit. Nothing was done. The kid was sent back to live with the abuser for 7 years. Much later someone who knew about the case and couldn't stay silent anymore wrote to the branch. The kid was grilled on what had happened, made to relive the ordeal to three men. The perpetrator cried a lot, which seemed to signify repentance. He was publicly reproved. And the kid was sent back to live with him till she broke free years later and moved away from home. Fastforward a few years later and the same kid becomes a regular pioneer and joins bethel. Her abuse damaged her emotionally. I've met her on a short project at bethel. She comes off as a tomboy, intelligent girl, compassionate and loving. But she's never been able to express her emotions. I've never seen her cry. Once she said that she cannot scream when attacked. A bethelite molested her on a bus and then confessed to the elders with lots of tears. He was let off because he cried a lot. She was sent out of bethel and had restrictions put on her because she didn't scream when attacked and she didn't cry to the elders. They didn't stop to think of her history. I lost contact with her after she left bethel but I heard she survived.

    There are quite a few more that have come into the open. None have been reported to the authorities.

  • JaniceA

    I can imagine with the honor culture on top of the JW indoctrination that it is much worse for the victim when the abuse comes from outside their household. Telling would have put extra layers of shame on the victim and their family. The honor culture is independent of religion in South Asia, but religion is often twisted even further to accommodate abusers and silence the abused. Unfortunately in the JW culture, the religious teaching is already skewed to favor the abusers.

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