The Garden of Eden

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  • BugEye

    If one assumes that the bible is true, (not saying that it is) then a really big question arises.

    Eve was in the garden, minding her own business and a snake decieves her into eating from a tree that God had said not to eat from.

    She then goes to Adam and says that the snake said it was good to eat so I ate it, you try it.

    This just doesnt wash. For starters, the first thing Eve would really have said is "Adam, come check this out, its a talking snake."

    And even if SHE didnt, HE would have said "What, a talking snake, THIS I gotta see"


  • TheApostleAK

    Only women are stupid enough to listen to talking snakes......but then again Adam was stupid enough to follow her.

  • mustang

    somewhere in the future, there may be talking stones. That is anticipated, if the preaching work grinds to a stop, prematurely. This could happen if KM's are late.


  • hippikon

    And get this. Then the bloody snakes legs fall off. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    "But it does move"

  • Frenchy

    Eve's Choice

    Ah, now I know of fair Eve's plight
    Of the toil and turmoil in her troubled mind
    Of how when she first upon that fruit cast her eye
    And dared to long for what was denied

    What a price fair Eve paid for that which she sought
    To know good and bad with her life the answer she bought
    And in the end what she did receive or so thought
    Of no avail proved to be for all came to naught

    But would she have longed for and craved to bite
    That fair fruit so round, so red, so bright
    Had that succulent morsel to her been not denied
    And that to eat of it had been her right

    Had she waited for that fateful fruit to fall
    Perhaps she would not have sinned at all
    And so prompt God on her to call
    And pronounce the sentence that condemned us all

    How that one act of desire did bring her pain
    And how great the lost she could never regain
    Of life eternal under God's reign
    Condemned to a life of anguish and pain

    Gone was the garden bathed in God's light
    Where the scent of jasmine clothed the night
    Of singing birds, the morning's delight
    Never to be recalled, try as she might

    Gone the music of heaven's wind in the trees
    Lost forever worry less peace
    And with these, sweet innocence
    All gone in a moment so fleet

    Ah, sweet Eve, mother of us all
    I wish I could upon your essence call
    And ask of you and you would tell
    Of that moment of that great fall

    Yes, I would solemnly ask of you
    Knowing full well what you were about to do
    Of the consequences that would befall you
    Still your heart's desire you did pursue

    An act for which you would be reviled
    For all eternity mankind would you deride
    And foolish you would remain in their eyes
    For an act so brash, so wicked, so vile

    Yet I see you not as foolish or vain
    Not after wanton, selfish gain
    But bent on what you must attain
    Then bear in silence your pain

    For what was done and then called sin
    Though the story of that fabled garden
    Speaks of only you and Adam
    There must have dwelt therein

    Yet one more though unnamed
    Who somehow to your heart lay claim
    For what woman would bear such pain
    For anything less to gain

    So with the love your heart was smitten
    And in the quiet corners of that garden
    You did meet, in corridors well hidden
    And consummated your love, the thing forbidden.

    What became of him we shall never know
    Of how he came or means by which he had to go
    Banished to some deep, dark, bottomless hold
    Or sentenced to the eternal pits far below

    Banished forever by the eternal powers divine
    Forced to flee and to leave behind
    The woman for whom his heart would forever pine
    For he, too, relinquished the garden divine

    Ah, so much lost for a moment so fleet
    Two lives forever changed when they chanced to meet
    But what fires burned in that instant so sweet
    And with it thereby made mind and heart replete

    And so now, fair Eve, I would ask of you
    For all the years of anguish that did befall you
    For that one taste of love, wild, free, and true
    Given the chance again, fair lady, what would you do?

    --And now you know the whole story!

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • Yerusalyim

    THey were brand new, what did they know? They knew God Created the whole world. If the world had been created by God, how easy would a talking snake be? Did Adam and Eve speak Hebrew?

    There is more of heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosphy, Horatio

    Dickens A Tale of Two Cities

  • Frenchy
    There are more things in heaven and earth,Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." --Shakespeare's Hamlet

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds


    dude for as interesesting a post as you may start what is up with this reply?

    I have no choice but to bring out my nad busters,

    They were brand new, what did they know?. . .Did Adam and Eve speak Hebrew?

    if you want to take the account as true, Adam lived in Eden for several years before Eve came along, so he KNEW that animals did not speak,

    regardless what language it was. . .


    Never Mock the Name by Which
    Another Man Knows His God; For If You Do It In Allah, You Will Do it In Adonai---
    Old Hebrew Saying

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    as to para-phrase Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting: I hope you like apples.

    According to the Talmud, Adam's first wife was Lilith. Yahweh created them both at the same time. She refused to subordinate herself in any way to either Adam or god, so she quarreled and disappeared.

    Adam made an appeal which caused Yahweh to send 3 angels to find her, Senoi, Sansenoi and Samangloph.

    They found her on the shores of the Red Sea, having sex with demons and producing demonic children called Lilims, at the rate of over a hundred a day. She was told that she would lose a hundred children a day if she did not return to Adam, she refused. So the angels attempted to drown her yet were unsuccesful. She was allowed to live on the condition that she would not harm any child who had an angels' name written on it. Later she was given to Samael by Yahweh as his first of four wives.

    According to the Zohar, Lilith later took part in the fall seducing Adam while Satan/Samael seduced Eve.

    Lilith which was an older concept than Eve, was unacceptable to the emerging Hebrew patriarchism, for she was an equal of man. The Talmud grimly sums up the type of woman that patriarchy needed:

    the lord considered from what part of the man he should form woman;
    not from the head, lest she should be proud;
    not from the eyes, lest she should wish to see everything;
    not from the mouth, lest she might be talkative;
    not from the ear, lest she should wish to hear everything;
    nor from the heart, lest she should be jealous;
    nor from the hand, lest she should wish to find out everything;
    nor from the feet, in order that she might not be a wanderer;
    only from the most hidden place, that is covered even when a man is naked---namely, the rib.

    even her name reflects her status:
    'she shall be called woman'(hebrew, isha) 'because she was taken out of man(ish)Gen.2:23
    subordinate, obedient, excluded from any position of power, and her sexuality confined to procreation. . .

    Somehow even this modified being could not be tamed, for she rebeled and refused to be told what fruit she could eat.

    Lilith, sums up the archtypical seductress, the personification of the 'dark side' of the feminine, which allures and repels the patriarchal mind.

    Lilith was the mother of all the living. . .

    how do you like them apples?

    Dark Clouds

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