A ship (no matter how big) will ultimately sink if it has a hole

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  • DJS

    Ask Ms. "everything is digital" if she would trade now for the 85,000 years or so when humans were hunters/gatherers and you and your family were always on the move looking for a sustainable food supply. And, once you found it, your little clan had to keep it quiet or fight off the other clans and hordes who found out about your land of honey and sought to slaughter you for it. Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing and Fu, I mean Procreation - that's pretty much what humans did for 85,000 years.

    Do you think any of the whiners today would trade for that? Would Ms. "I hate I-pads" rather live during that time, when half of her children died at birth or within the first two years of life? When she might live to be a ripe old age of 34? When, as a woman, she was property? (well, that was kinda neat - IF YOU WERE A GUY).

  • Vidiot

    iconoclastic - "A ship (no matter how big) will ultimately sink if it has a hole..."

    Let me guess; you're not a nautical engineer...

  • cofty

    Why are we feeding the troll who is only here to recruit for a dangerous, mind-controlling, money-stealing, family-destroying cult that makes the Watchtower look sane?

    The BK cult...

  • iconoclastic


    Let atheists continue to ask: “Where is God, what is the proof” like the one who asks in the night where is sun, what is the proof that it exist?” But you try meditation; you will surely realize that Second Law of Thermodynamics is truer than what you thought and also God will provide the needed recharging at the right time—as He has been doing countless time in the past, from the time immemorial. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) Thus you will know both Science and God are true!

  • prologos
    yeah, it will sink if it has a A--hole for a captain. one that keeps announcing the A-word over the PA system over and over again.

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