Hot New Ford GT, and the GB!!

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  • DwainBowman

    Ok, I was reading a story about Fords new Ford GT, one hot extreme muscle car. The story tells about how a car like this normally takes 6 or more years from, first scratches on paper to finished project. Their small handful of specialist, pulled it off in 2. And right until it was finished, no one out side of the small circle of people (About 25 people ) really knew anything, except something special was in the works!

    Even the project to get new work area all set up for the team to use, should have taken months. The workers had to remove all the old tools and stored junk from 55+ of use. Strip everything from this basement, rewire it, add all new lighting, set up work areas, bring in tools, set up computer's, drafting boards, etc. This was all done in one month!

    That made a loud POP inside my head! I can just hear the GB going into detail about all the insurmountable obstacles in the way. And how as if by magic, this happened, or the special thing they needed, just happened to turn up the day they needed it. And on and on they would go!

    Ford people dug in and made this happen! Without trying to make it sound like a magical hand was moving things along, because of some imagined need!



  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    When I started driving in the 60's Ford was heavily into racing programs. Drag racing, trans-am, etc. Carol Shelby dumped a fat 427 V-8 monster into a little British sports car, with Ford's backing, of course and the Cobra came to be. It dominated for two years. The Europeans were left in the dust.Then onto the Ford GT, the Cobra Jet Mustangs etc. Looks like it's still in Ford's blood, just like the Watchtower bs is still in its blood.

    And what do you mean by '...some imagined need...?'

    Of course a new, improved, more powerful Ford GT is necessary. What are you thinking?

  • DwainBowman
    The imagined need, was about the gb, and their hype bs. Back when they were telling about how jw tv came to be. They were talking it up like it was so badly needed, and that gid had provided, by chance, just what they had to have, so it could be done extra fast!
  • sir82
    Maybe God drives a Ford.
  • jwfacts
    I remember being in awe of quick build kingdom halls. Then I read about a sheik building a huge building with thousands of workers working 24 hours a day, and realised anyone with enough determination can pull of monumental tasks.
  • StarTrekAngel
    I believe the quick builds are one of many cases where is evident, that despite the faith being real or not, humanity can achieve great things when greed and selfishness are removed from the picture. When we all are convinced that we are working on something bigger than us for the common good of the community, we are unstoppable.
  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Not to rain on your parade, but years before the retro Mustang came out it was common knowledge that Ford was working on the project. I'm a car geek so I know this. And by the way, the Dodge Challenger is 10 times nicer than the Mustang. I've test driven both and its not even close.

    The GB blathering on and on about over coming obstacles is no different than my bone-headed bosses where I work doing the same thing. Humans get excited when they accomplish something. It's a human tendency, not a JW one. I think it's like that with most things JW, but we assign negativity and a wide net when JW's do what is usually just simply human. It's kind of the way you look at things. Either objectively or through a negative lens.

    Just my opinion on what I've observed.

  • username

    The kingdoom hall where I frequented is already showing signs of shody workmanship. Toilets blocking due to poor plumbing (the sisters were blamed for this but that's another gory story) cracks in the walls, air conditioning never quite working, ( either too hot are too bloody cold) uneaven cracking paving stones, arms on chairs quite literally falling off!

    Jehovah's' hand was surely in this project!

  • DwainBowman

    This is the 2017 Ford GT, It's no Mustang, so where's the rain ☺

    My point was how the so called gb would be blowing smoke up everyone's butt, proclaiming, Devine blessing on their projects!

    Sorry my tablet wouldn't paste into the display link!

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