need input: My wife is at it again...this time about the faithful and discreet slave

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  • goingthruthemotions

    so you all know that i go with my wife to the meeting to protect the kids from the drival and pacify her. well anyways

    tonight we are sitting there and she points to mathew and says something about the faithful and discreet slave and she said eplain this.

    so breaking away from what i was reading in the meeting..." in search of christian freedom by franz"...i said. we could talk about it later.

    so we get home and i you want to know what i think about what you pointed to?

    she said yes....

    so i said, look up the word synoptic. and told her matt, mark, luke were sypnotic writing about jesus. but just from

    different perspectives and all in agreement. i showed her where the insight book gives an example of where they all agree with each other and are useful.

    next i proceeded to show her luke 12:46 where it talks about the faithful and discreet slave has an illustration.

    so i reasoned with her....if this is considered an illustartion...shouldn't matt 24:45 be also an illustration?

    this really pissed her off.

    i said, why don't you ever hear about the luke 12:46 in the meetings when the talk about the FDS?

    yep, fighting again about this stupid cult. i truely hate it!

    she said, welll why don't you tell the brothers? i said...according to Geoffy Jackson, i don't have to. and you should look at his interview on the royal commision.

    full cult mode again......damn this cult for taking my wife away from me

  • Lemonp

    Hey GTTM

    Sometimes you want to grab them and say "just THINK for once!!"

    Does your wife believe that the FDS is appointed by God/Jesus? Because by their own teachings they are not, and this is backed up by Geoffrey Jackson's testimony from the RC. The March WT study about the talents changed this, so it may be something you can reason on with her?

  • goingthruthemotions

    thanks Lemonparty.....she has no idea what and why she believes....she just believes blindly.

    it is frustrating. she has no reasoning skills or desire when it comes to the cult.

  • Crazyguy
    slam her with 1 corith. chapters 1, 3 and 11 I believe, these chapter say that your leaders don't matter at all and that we should not be slaves of men. Ask her how they, her leaders are not going beyond what is written. Then pull out your Greek interlinear and show her in revelation chapter 5:10 in the Greek side where it states that they will reign not as kings but only as priests and not over the earth but on it, then go back to the scripture in Corinthians about going beyond what is written.
  • smiddy

    Jehovah`s Witnesses should be able to defend their faith to the point where someone who is questioning it is stumped and can not answer in rebuttal .However this is not the case by a long shot.

    However we often find the reverse

    Jehovah`s Witnesses are often stumped and can not answer in rebuttal .

    The average witness today has no idea of Bible knowledge , they are just taught to cherry pick scriptures to support Jehovah`s Witness Doctrine.

    And their are 40 ,000 other sects of Christendom who do the same.

    It has got to the stage where Jehovah`s Witnesses can not effectively witness for their God Jehovah without being shown up as ignorant , misinformed , or very naive in what they believe .

    And how could they be when adjustments are made with their beliefs more times than you change your briefs.


  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    You reasoned well. Logical, scriptural, calmly (I hope).

    You can do no more than that. Allow it to sink in. Be patient, hopefully she'll eventually realise that you may well have a point..

  • punkofnice
    she said, welll why don't you tell the brothers?

    Oh, no. Not that old chestnut. In other words, 'I won't listen, it could expose this as a cult.'. Like the 'brothers(TM)' would listen.

    I am so so sorry you are undergoing this torture. Your poor wife obviously has a lot of faith in the sincerity of her leaders.

    The cult mindset will always protect the cult leaders.

  • Tornintwo

    Ask her where the proof is for their appointment in 1919....I'm just recently out and this was something I always struggled with, why? There is no proof! Follow up with, do you know what they believed in 1919? Eg. They spent the next 6 years preaching Armageddon and the earthly resurrection would come in 1925! Would Jehovah really have appointed them as his one true channel and then allowed them to preach falsehood?

    anyway, let's face it with an fully indoctrinated spouse, probably none of this will work, mine is fully in and I think he needs it for various emotional reasons. Apparently me having doubts this last few months has been a severe spiritual trial for him!! From one divided home to another, my sympathies...

  • Daniel1555

    Very well reasoned.

    I think it is a positive sign that your wife asks you about your opinion.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    is it just my imagination that often when glaring inconsistencies and irrefutable contradictions between what the GB teaches and what the bible indicates, is shown to a JW, and an argument flares up, the argument never seems to be over the 'subject at hand'?

    But people either walk away, go tell the elders, start telling the one pointing out the inconsistency to shut up, or saying it doesn't matter, or wait on Jehovah to explain... everything but examine the argument at hand....

    as far as i have seen through this forum and experienced myself with JW's commenting on my Youtube comments, the argument is never dealt with, there are just threats and insults...

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