In Search of An Analogy

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    People who use tobacco, are just as addicted to a product as JW's. Tobacco strokes the pleasures centers and makes a crappy situation seem a little better.

    WT gives people an out in regards to death which is big. Have injustice in your life or poor living conditions? WT's brand of religion can solve those problems because God will kill those wicked people and you will get to have the best house and food in paradise. TAX FREE! No need to stress over a loved one dieing, they'll come back.

    Just like a quick smoke, WT teachings can make a crappy situation seem a little better.

    I usually do comparisons.

    • ISIS destroying art because they are pagan - Israelites destroying temples in the promised land.
    • ISIS kidnapping children and raping them everyday because they are "slaves" - Israelites conquering the promised land were allowed to take females that hadn't had sex before and ...took them as wives raped them.
    • ISIS throwing homosexuals off buildings - What God will do to them.

    I told these to a witness at work who was bemoaning the art being destroyed by ISIS. Didn't make her change but I believe bits and pieces add up.

    The bible is a world unto itself. Exposing the actions of God or his followers in a real sense by comparisons makes for one uncomfortable conclusion.

  • Ireneus

    Here is one for you:

    Would you still go to a tailor who made many times for you suits which had some problem, hence had to be discarded? See the changes JWs have made to their teachings. (

  • smiddy3

    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I liked your used car salesman add. so fitting

  • Vanderhoven7

    The analogy of drinking alcohol and infusing it in the blood is effective only because drinking and infusing have the same effect. Not so with eating blood and transfusing it. To make this point one poster referred to the fact that transfused blood will not save a starving man.

    A more applicable analogy would be to ask....Would your doctor who advised you to abstain from meat be upset if he found out you had an organ transplant?

    And by the way, organ transplants which have been approved by the Watchtower since 1980 always involve the sinful transfer of millions of banned white blood cells.

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