Marijuana...should it be legalised?

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  • d0rkyd00d

    I don't know if anybody has already commented on this part. But if u ask me, marijuana should be legalized and alcohol outlawed. the problem is if they ever decided to outlaw marijuana, and if they did decide to outlaw alcohol again, another prohibition incident would occur. and i wouldn't want to see mobsters return ( even though their cars were pretty nice looking ).

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    Just thought i'd add, marijuana is legal in colorado for "medicinal" purposes. I'm looking for a non-painful way to require this drug so i can see what all the fuss is about. but i'd never smoke it.

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    if i'm not mistaken it is also legal in california, new mexico and arizona for medicinal purposes, can someone confirm?

    something about those southwestern states, maybe i should relocate. . .

    i also believe to have read something about a pill called
    MARINOL which is being prescribed to cancer and aids patients,
    need a clue on the main ingredient?
    anyhow this is supposed to be on the market now or on the way, anyone hear about it?
    it gives you the high without the bloodshot eyes, this you have to love, save on the visine, and throw out those bongs. . .


  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith

    Marinol has been approved for use for years(generic dranabinol). One drawback is that it does not have the immediate effect that smoking does. I believe they are working on a form that it delivered through an inhaler, thus speeding the onset of action.

    -Winston, your amateur pharmacist....

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    thank you for clarifying the marinol issue Winston,

  • unanswered

    dark clouds-yes, marijauna is legal for medicinal use in california, new mexico, and also oregon, and i believe, washington. mendecino county, CA, even passed a law fully legalizing weed, but the state police are still enforcing state and federal law.

  • ShaunaC

    Isn't it also true that in some states you are allowed to grow marijuana for only you to consume? I heard a little while back on the Howard Stern Show a guy in New York who was facing charges for growing over 50 plants. He's arguing that only a few of the plants produced "good" weed and that it was all for his own consumption. Of course, he'll lose cuz it ridiculous to grow that much.....but does anyone know what is legal and in what states?

  • unanswered

    shauna-hi, btw!!! to my knowledge, alaska was the last state to have weed legal in small amounts for your own use. that law was overturned quite a few years ago. too bad, huh?-nate

  • Francois

    That's a great big TEN FOUR buddyrow.

  • digderidoo

    Legalise it!!....

    Yours dig

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    We're the keepers of our destiny...

  • Julie

    Of course pot should be legal. It is ridiculous that it is not. It is not nearly as incapacitating as alcohol and not nearly as harmful. Also it has been been found that, unlike any other drug, one does not need to increase the dosage for effectiveness.

    Like anything it can cause harm but it is far and away the least harmful mind altering drug out there. I know a lot of people who would be a lot better off if they would calm down and smoke one. And you probably know lots of people who smoke pot that you would never suspect. Believe me. :-)


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