Marijuana...should it be legalised?

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  • claudia

    Abaddon, excellent and balanced points you made! I grew up in an italian family, alcohol is no big eal. If i wanted I could have had wine with dinner at any age! There are no alcoholics in my family.

  • unanswered

    well, by the time i ran into this thread, all the points i might have made have already been made. i think it's pretty obvious that almost anything in excess isn't very good for you. it's just funny to me how many people in society condemn pot users and have no problem with recreational drinkers. even though i do smoke tobacco too, i am not stupid enough to pretend that it is good for me, and while i understand the point made about smoking pot(the smoke being bad for you), i think it is a little different than smoking pot. the recreational pot smoker usually doesn't smoke nearly the amount that an average tobacco smoker does, and marijuana doesn't have those nasty additives to make it more addictive, either. i'm not pretending that the only reason i ever smoke weed is for medicinal purposes, but i regularly get really bad insomnia(have since i was a little kid), and pot definitely helps me fall asleep naturally, without having trouble waking up in the morning. i think it's really silly that pot is still illeagal, it doesn't seem to stop anyone that wants to use it. partying it up with drinks can be a lot of fun, but i'd much rather smoke bud instead, plus, i don't feel like crap in the morning.:) one thing i totally agree with is that balance is the key to not letting anything "become" your life, instead of just being a "part" of it.:)-nate

  • willy_think

    if you want to know more about why pot enterd a state of prohabition you might like to read, the emperor wears no clothes. it was the logging industry and the chemical companies that lobbied against it. some gerk came up with a way to make better paper out of hemp then woodfiber with only 3 chemicals instead of the 5 that thay used for wood paper. big big $$$$.

    so hemp goes the way of the slant 6 engine.

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.

    to legalise or not ? as with the J.W aceptance of blood I am all for freedom of choice as long as it is informed choice

    We used to believe that Canabis is much safer than tobacco however, more recent research tends to suggest that,certainly in long term, frequent user there may be implications. The oral cancers are more common in those who regularly smoke pot, and it seems that the quality of sperm may be reduced. There is also some suggestion that long term use may have a measurable effect on grey matter. Anything inhaled has the potential to be carcinogenic.

    On reflection it is fair to say that if cannabinols are used as an anti-depressant, there use is still probably safer than many of the prescribed medications currently available.

  • rob

    I manage a health food store. How is marijuana different than any other "relaxing" herb? Have you ever used kava kava? Very much the same effect. I think that the legalization issue also is a political minefield. It's hard to maintain the "white male" status quo when consciousness expanding substances are widely available. I, too, believe that alcohol is far deadlier societally and absolutely refuse to touch the stuff. As for pot, I don't smoke it, but love to ingest it in other ways (cookies,etc.).

    You should hear my friends laugh when I tell them that I first tried pot at 37!

  • mgm

    it will be legalised soon here in Switzerland...
    I face dope every day everywhere. The police doesn't take action against it anymore. It just doesn't make sense, half of the populaton smoke it sometimes.
    I myself grow the first time weed myself. I got nice female plants from a friend.
    As you said before, Tabac and Alkohol are worse than weed...
    and it would be a good income for farmers.

  • CoolBreeze

    I'd rspond to this thread, but need both hands to spark my bong....cough...cough...cough...cough.

    Hemp Hemp Hooray!!!!


  • AcapulcoGold

    Booze is such a messy boring "high". Pot is such a sensual and poetic one. The weed that turns into a flower in your mind.


  • claudia

    Coolbreeze, where have you been?

  • CoolBreeze

    Hi Claudia,
    Been busy working. email me at [email protected] And I'll fill ya in on the details. Sorry about the off topic post :)


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